Must-Known Editing Tricks For Designing TikTok Videos On the Go

Today, TikTok is an exciting app where initially, people were skeptical about its use as everyone didn’t invest their time to get recognized as the content or review what was possible as a user. However, it is exciting all as an effective platform where quick, simple workflow lets users edit real videos on the go. Thus, how do you want to know working on TikTok? What does the platform look like once you have downloaded the platform and recorded your first TikTok video? Let us take a look at what you can expect to look at, study how to get the most from the app’s features and effects, and explore what to perform with your videos once you have shot them. 

1. Editing 

Just like Vine in those days, you can start to edit your TikTok videos too. Start to edit during your recording time, where you can begin and stop recording as you go, and the app automatically includes video clips on your timeline when you record them. You can touch the red Record button once and allow it to register or hold to record a particular length. Once you have recorded your video clips, you can enter in and edit them again. You can also use Trollishly that automatically improves the visibility of your TikTok videos. Start editing your video, go to Adjust Clips on the right side of your screen, and select the video clips you need to modify. Every video clip has a tiny number over it that displays its length, and you can move them into your timeline where you can look at it. Hold down on the clip where you need to move, drag it to the right spot and click on the Save button. Now is the right time to begin adding Sounds, Effects, and Titles. 

2. Audio 

Straight away, check at the top of your screen for Sounds, and click it to look via the music. Once you have chosen a song, you can pick on the collection where you need to begin and play it as you have recorded to sync significantly with your videos. Moreover, you can include a voice-over and sound effects. Now, you can also include one song for every video where you post onto the TikTok platform. Of course, you can always edit on other platforms, add much more effects you need, and post it on TikTok. Remembering the audio effects in mind, it is one of the best features of TikTok, which allows you to function with several audio layers in a video. For example, you need to record your clip using in-camera audio, music and your soundtracks, and any tweaks which you have included. In addition, TikTok permits you to reduce the volume of the camera’s audio while increasing your music volume. 

To perform this, click on the side’s symbol to bring up several options and select Volume. You can look at two sliders; one marked Original Sound and another tagged Added Sound. The second Sound feature refers to the music track you chose to use, whereas Original Sound refers to in-camera audio and voice-versa. 

3. Sound 

Below Sounds, you can find sound effects or even include one of your customized sounds. To identify the sound effects in the Sounds library, enter descriptive tags like boom, bang, splat. Also, use the tags like sound effects. Also, you can include your customized recorded sound effects by clicking the Voice-Over on the right side of the screen. Like other audio that you can consist of, you can edit your sound effects audio to begin whenever you require it and play using the Volume. If you want people to recognize your video, try the best site to buy tiktok views to popularize your videos among your community and followers.

4. Use Transition

Once you have recorded or posted the video clips, you need to use, go down to the Effects, look forward at the bottom, and select Transition. Identify the ones you desire to use and sort down how you need to use them. To create a transition, click on your timeline where the effects work. The changes on the TikTok platform are effective for transformations and appealing the video. Ensure you repeatedly replay the video clip to ensure that you are getting favorable results and modifying accordingly. 


Hold hands with Trollishly to improve your business performances on TikTok by making your video tricks. You can include texts or the title of your video. Click on Text at the bottom. You can have the option to select the font type, color, and size of your texts. Suppose you are familiar with your Instagram fonts, then TikTok will look relevant. Once you have entered your video texts, click on the title once. Box-outline will pop up over the Text and provide two options by setting up the duration and EditEdit. Select Set Duration permits you to select time and length as previously mentioned. Click on Edit returns to your screen, where you can choose your font, color, and size. 


In a nutshell, start to use these editing tricks for crafting your compelling TikTok videos as you can gain more revenue and visibility among your audience. Also, try to experiment with these tricks as you can become successful among your competitors.