Many Australians seem to forget the importance of investing in a good quality mattress and sheet sets for a night of better sleep. The bedroom is probably the last thing a person would find any need for improvement or good quality items that promote sleep.

This is evident from the fact that a majority of Australia’s population is struggling with sleep and is unable to attain the ample quality of sleep required by the body for health and vitality. A night of slumber has more benefits than just rest. It’s a source of repair and regeneration for damaged tissues and a boost for the overall well being of the individual. Take a look at some of the best benefits of getting the right amount of sleep:

  1. Mental Health: Sleeping regularly for about 7-8 hours every day has been linked to improved mental well being. Research has shown that the brain relearns skills or practices when the body sleeps, owing to its cognitive functions staying active during the REM phase. Sleep also helps the brain make new neural connections and formulate mental growth in the quietness of rest. Poor sleep tends to increase depression and anxiety and lowers the ability to process emotions.
  2. Refreshing: Ever felt refreshed and energetic after a good night’s rest? It helps keep the body productive and vitalised throughout the day. On the other hand, people who get fewer amounts of rest are found to be sluggish, lacking in productivity and constantly tired.
  3. Repair Damaged Cells and Tissues: One of the constant recommendations many nutritionists, physical fitness trainers and medical practitioners tell people about is the benefits of tissue repair as individuals sleep. Bodybuilders are always advised to sleep more than 8 hours a day, as it is only during sleep that the body repairs muscle tissue and regrows them stronger. And this doesn’t apply to just bodybuilders. People lose tissue to damage all the time, cells are being destroyed in the intestines every hour, skin gets damaged, and many tissues throughout the body undergo constant wear and tear. Sleeping helps the body initiate the repair process and regrow these cells and tissues to tackle the functions of the next day.
  4. Reduces Stress: Stress can be harmful to the body and can even affect the productivity of people. Individuals who sleep less than 5 hours a day are found to have more stress hormones in their body compared to those who sleep normally, and this can cause other problems such as ageing, the risk for heart-related conditions and inflammation.
  5. Other Benefits: The right amount of sleep can increase longevity in people and sharpen performance and attention span. Research is also looking into how 8 hours of sleep has the potential to reduce weight loss and curb the appetite for fatty foods. Click here difficult person test

How To Achieve Good Quality Sleep?

  1. Being a one time purchase, considering the importance of good quality sleep, investing in a good mattress and sheet sets might not be a bad idea. Dimming the room and controlling the temperature can also lead to a more relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a calm and sound sleep.
  2. Avoid taking any caffeine and energy drinks right before bed can boost adrenaline, making it difficult to get some shut-eye. Take care to have meals at least three to four hours before bed.
  3. Shut down all phones, screens and bright lights at least half an hour before bed.
  4. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and don’t change it often or mix it up. The body will need time to adapt to a regular sleep regime, and constantly changing it can be stressful to mental health.

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