In today’s enhanced technology world, electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, net books, broadband and Wi-Fi set-top boxes have become part of life for many people. Nowadays, students need to know how to study smart on top of study hard. Therefore, they don’t just rely on paper and pen, but they need to know how to benefit from electronic devices to help them study in more effective and efficient way. This article will discuss a few very useful devices that you can use to help in your study.

1. Smart phones

Smart phones are getting smarter as they have more functions that beyond the original role as a phone. They have integrated many functions like recorder, camera, USB drive, video and audio players and they are able to connect to the Internet. If you own a smart phone like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you are owning a smart gadget that can be used to help your study. For example, you can use the phone as an audio or video recorder to record a lecture session and playback during revision later. Use the video conference features to have online discussion with classmates when you are doing revision at home.

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Although it is not very convenient if surfing the internet with a phone due to its small screen size, but it can be very convenient as a device that can get you connected to the Internet from anywhere and at any time, whenever you need to get connected to the Internet, either for searching information or any purpose.

A Few Devices to Help Your Studying

2. iPad/Galaxy Tab

iPads and Galaxy Tabs have become hot devices owned by many students. If you have one of these devices, you can use it to help your study. Many applications like smart dictionary, text-to-voice software, language translators software are among the tools available that you can install into these devices and use them to help in your study. Moreover, the latest iPads and Galaxy Tabs have very close function to a full-features laptop where you can install the applications like Word Processor and Spreadsheet to do assignments and group projects.

3. MP3 Players

For many students, reading learning materials in text format can be very challenging as they find it hard to remember the content if they read them via text format. Fortunately, there are many free text-to-audio conversion software available on the Internet. You can use the software to convert the learning materials to audio files and save them to a small gadget like MP3 players and playback for revision whenever you have spare time like when you are waiting for buses, during a lunch break, etc. It is very convenient to bring along for using in quick revision on your study at any time and anywhere.


As a student in today’s enhanced technology world, you need to study smart by knowing how to use the smart gadgets like smart phones, iPad/Galaxy Tabs or simple MP3 players to help your study. The above 3 devices are among a few devices for you to study smart by benefiting the advantages of smart gadgets.

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