The google search presents an interesting, factual response to a strange question it chooses to answer when you search for “I’m feeling curious” on Google. It’s a nice little thing to enjoy fascinating facts which might or might not be important to you. In Wasting Time I find this very helpful.

Visit Google and check “I’m feeling curious” or “Fun facts” is all you must do. Google will then return a fascinating random truth, usually taken from Wiki pages or news websites. You Should Then Keep Clicking “Ask Another Question” And Google Will Keep Providing You With Interesting Facts.

Searched Google and check “I’m feeling curious” or “Fun facts” is all you must do. Google will therefore return a fascinating random truth, usually taken from Wikipedia or news websites. Here are the best Google search strategies you need to learn.

I Feel Curious Fun From Google:

i’m feeling curious trick is a Google feature intended to offer information to users who aren’t really sure what to look for on Google. It brings interesting facts from the summary sections of Google’s indexes that are picked by certain algorithms and takes it to the top of search engine result list in front of you. Almost every fun fact indicates up at the top of Google’s search result in a thought bubble, with a link to the websites from which the facts came. Much as Google does in its built-in wiki called Knowledge Chart, the content seems to be taken directly from many other pages.

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There are many other techniques, such as the one from which you can contribute to making it a real pain for persons to use Google because it becomes impossible to change letters from smaller case to capital case. One way to think about a couple of these strategies is to google everything about them. All of the trickery is so complex and complicated that each wants its own article. Before you understand it, there are many points you must remember about “I’m feeling curious”.

  • The Beginning:

In 2015, I’m feeling curious images technique first came into playing. Google officially confirmed the start of the procedure, unlike many other tricks. As most other techniques will not get the same hospitality, the declaration signifies the value of the function quite a lot. More precisely, it was released in September 2015, which means these have been around for almost five years now! Also, we can confidently conclude that Google won’t delete the feature too soon, due to the fact that perhaps the feature is enjoyable and informative.

  • It is Strongly Informative:

That’s where the “I’m feeling curious” excels; the function is very insightful, and with limitless and enjoyable information with anyone and everything on the network, you can pass the day away. For starters, when you google “I’m Feeling Curious,” several various questions that people normally have but never know the answer will be returned. The question could be returned by one results page. In other nations, is sign language is same?

This is one of several examples you get when you use this fascinating Google feature. How several kilometers per hour does the World go across the Sun? Another one maybe. The time you spent on this nifty little technique depends solely on what kind of person you are. Many people will waste a whole day just gobbling up the infinite amount of data generated by Google. Before getting lonely again other people only waste about five minutes.

  • It paves the way for other strategies from Google:

The “I’m feeling curious” trick, as mentioned previously, wasn’t the only feature that Google has up its sleeves. This functionality would potentially open the door to several other tricks that Google has. “Get local time everywhere is one great example. This feature would allow you to see that the local timing of every city in the world immediately.

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If you’d like to synchronize the times with your parents and siblings outside the specific time method is neat. This is extremely essential for gamers, as there are still buddies outside the world, and also on the other side of the world.   And if you spend time to understand any of these features, you will certainly experience the influence of technology and Google in your life, and then in the right direction.

What happened if you type ‘I’m feeling curious’:

  • Choose in the google search “ I’m feeling curious funny” and then it will offer up a different truth worth stowing away for potential quiz contests or whipping out to surprise friends just at the right moment.
  • Each fact is derived from a website page, with a connection to the sources provided by Google.

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  • The Method for Boredom Busting is rather an addiction. Users will press “Ask another question” after seeing the very first facts to get provided another tidbit of knowledge covering every possible topic from space to Santa Claus. After having read the whole first fact.
  • In its web search, Google is notorious for hiding enjoyable Easter Eggs, but its new feature might have been the most exciting yet.
  • In Google’s Search Field, checking for I’m Bored I’m Feeling Curious O Fun Facts now gives you a random snippet of knowledge you never knew you wanted to find. And we mean unique.

Any “I’m Feeling Curious” fun findings for you!

In the olden times, Google unexpectedly confronted you with a fascinating question whenever the feature was first launched that you might love to understand the answer to. When you place the statement in the query box, the question will emerge at random.

Also some other tricks began to come up during the periods when I’m feeling curious” was very famous. Among the most fascinating ones that just ease the boredom are:

  • I’m feeling trendy.
  • I’m feeling wonderful.
  • Fun Fact.
  • I’m feeling stellar.
  • I’m feeling generous.
  •  I’m feeling artistic.
  • I’m feeling curious.
  • I’m feeling playful.

Those are some of the most fascinating “I’m feeling curious” issues you might know the answer to—besides the related questions.

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  • How many kilometers an hour does the World revolve around the Sun?

Now that would be a fascinating question that so many of us have within our mind, but hardly any of us can ever know the solution for some purpose. At the equator, the Earth’s crust moves nearly 24,898 mph, roughly equal to 11,130 meters per second. The planet, though, orbits all over the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.

  • What studies did Bruce Lee do?

Nearly all of us are aware of Bruce Lee. He’s the most popular action hero of all time possibly. But, with the exception of the most loyal supporters, absolutely nobody really understands his past and what he has studied.

Bruce is an Ip Man student for being the most acclaimed Wing Chun Master of all time. The master of martial arts themselves has more films in his life than you could ever count. Much of them are fictitious, though. Bruce Lee starting serving under Ip Man while he was just 16 years old. This emerged shortly after he lost a fight at school with rival gangs.

  • By throwing the ball, will a goalkeeper score?

This is a fascinating issue that too many fans of football have and yes, that way, a goalkeeper will score. There is no single law out there that can override that exact behavior. The rule book notes explicitly that when the goalkeeper throws the ball, no matter the direction, the action begins.

There are individuals out there who argue that software makes you idle and is a total waste of time. This is obviously just a myth, though, mainly from the previous generations.

While you’re in countries in South-Eastern Asia, this misunderstanding is obvious. Although to some degree, the assertion is valid, it is not always so. E-commerce pages, Facebook, Google, all put the whole planet in your hands. To a degree, this volume of data and connectivity will most likely make you lazy.


They’re certainly not a waste of time, however. To discover out again for yourselves, there is no easier way to master any of these tricks. Just look for Google Easter Eggs and other YouTube tips, other posts, and even this one, and you’re certainly going to have plenty to do all day!