You can easily apply and track your ICICI application status in the online. In the world, you don’t have enough time to visit your nearest bank checking application status in the bank. You can easily create a bank account online and get the bank account through the SMS to your phone. Everyone wants to move from the debit card to credit card. Banks are moving forward to give credit card who are having income holders. You can approach the bank through online to apply for credit card and provide details through phone, and you can track the application by visiting the website.


These are easy steps to help you track the icici application status online. Icici application status website is user-friendly and simple to track the application. Here we have the guide to track application status in the ICICI APPLICATION STATUS website.

  1. You have the two options from the icici bank to track the application status online. You can track through the mobile no, date of birth and OTP received through your phone.
  2. Another option has a mobile number, application number and date of birth to check the status of the application through the online.
  3. You can choose any one option to track down the application status.

Stages of the application status

We have the application number and track the card status through the online. Bank process has few steps, and you can track them in every step by clicking through the buttons under the below options. The status can be one of the following, and every condition will be explained detailed below.

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The status has “APPROVED “indicates the bank has approved the credit card application. You will receive the credit card with in the short period or two working days.


The status “IN PROGRESS” means that bank is still working in the ICICI CREDIT CARD application.



The status “ON HOLD” is due to lack of information in the necessary documents or problem in the document verification. Icici credit card application members will come in contact with you soon.


ICICI Credit Card application will send you SMS to your phone, if there is a dispatched option in the website. Status “DISPATCHED” user will receive the credit card in short period of time.


In the website “NO RECORDS FOUND” status shows you the wrong information in the website boxes or Contact the ICICI Credit Application Bank.

These are the application status from the bank options shown in the TRACK ICICI APPLICATION for credit card. You can easily track the icici credit card application status and doesn’t take much time, user-friendly.


  • Buy stuff Credit card on trusted sites only

While purchasing any products or shopping the products from the online store. Use the credit card information only through the secured websites. Websites which has the protocol encrypted as HTTPS and avoid website like HTTP as fully not encrypted to make the transaction through the online network.

  • Never save your credit card number

Never collect the credit card number information on the other website. Keep yourselves protect from the scams by avoiding credit card get extra bounce points. Some websites recommended you to save your credit card number in the online. Thus, let you steal your information and get you target products from the online, scams through it.

  • Phishing scams

There are a lot of scams running every second in the online by using phishing techniques. They phishing help you still steal information like credit card number, CVV and date on the card through fake websites.


1. How many days to get a credit card after applying?

The ICICI credit card application processing time takes around 21 working days. Once the application is approved from the bank, you will be notified by the bank. Once the application is approved, and the card will be delivered in a short period. Delivery will be done with five working days as registered in the application form.

2. Can I change my delivery address which is mention in the application form?

It is not possible to change the address in the application form, as mentioned and delivered to the same address. The address can be changed through the authorised person in the bank with a special request from the customer.

3. I lost my ICICI BANK application number. Can I still view my ICICI bank credit card application status and process through onlines?

Yes, you can still ICICI credit card status can be viewed from the website. As mentioned above factors, we have to options on the website to view and track the ICICI APPLICATION STATUS from the bank. By entering the phone number, date of birth and OTP from the phone received, you can check the complete details.