Farrukhabad Weather: Farrukhabad, a city rich in history and culture, is not only known for its heritage but also for its diverse weather patterns. Farrukhabad weather report aims to provide you with up-to-date information, ensuring you’re well-prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Understanding Farrukhabad’s Climate

Historical Farrukhabad Weather Patterns

To grasp the current weather scenario, it’s essential to look back at historical patterns. Farrukhabad experiences a subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers and cool winters. The monsoon season brings a refreshing change, with moderate to heavy rainfall.

Seasonal Variations

1. Summer (March to June): Farrukhabad’s summers are marked by high temperatures, often reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. It’s advisable to stay hydrated and use sun protection during this season.

2. Monsoon (July to September): The monsoon season brings relief from the scorching heat. However, heavy rainfall can lead to waterlogging, so it’s crucial to stay updated on weather forecasts.

3. Winter (October to February): Winters in Farrukhabad are mild, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 20 degrees Celsius. Warm clothing is recommended during this season.

Current Weather Conditions

For real-time weather updates, consider using reliable sources like the local meteorological department or trusted weather apps. Stay informed about temperature, humidity, and any impending weather events.

As of the latest update, Farrukhabad Weather is experiencing a transition from winter to the pre-monsoon season. Here’s a breakdown of the current weather conditions:


  • Daytime temperatures range from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Nighttime temperatures hover between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Sky Conditions:

  • The sky is mostly clear with scattered clouds during the day.
  • Evenings may witness a slight increase in cloud cover.


  • Humidity levels range from 40% to 60%, providing a relatively comfortable atmosphere.

Weather Forecast for the Week

Looking ahead, here’s the forecast for the upcoming week in Farrukhabad:

Day 1-3:

  • Expect clear skies with daytime temperatures gradually rising.
  • Night temperatures will remain cool, providing a pleasant evening.

Day 4-6:

  • Anticipate a gradual increase in cloud cover.
  • There’s a slight possibility of isolated showers during the late afternoon or evening.

Day 7:

  • Cloudy skies may persist with a potential increase in humidity.
  • Keep an eye on weather updates for any significant changes.

Stay Prepared with Our Tips

  1. Dress Accordingly:
    • Daytime temperatures may be warm, but evenings can be cooler. Dress in layers to stay comfortable throughout the day.
  2. Stay Hydrated:
    • With the increasing temperature, staying hydrated is crucial. Carry a water bottle and replenish fluids regularly.
  3. Weather Apps:
    • Stay updated with real-time weather information using reliable weather apps for accurate forecasts.
  4. Umbrella or Raincoat:
    • As we approach the pre-monsoon season, it’s wise to carry an umbrella or raincoat for unexpected showers.

Farrukhabad Weather A Comprehensive Guide

Engaging FAQs

1. What is the best time to visit Farrukhabad?

  • The winter season, from October to February, is considered the best time to visit Farrukhabad due to its pleasant weather.

2. How does monsoon impact Farrukhabad’s agriculture?

  • The monsoon season is crucial for agriculture in Farrukhabad, providing the necessary water for crops. However, excessive rainfall can lead to flooding, affecting cultivation.

3. Are there any weather-related festivals celebrated in Farrukhabad?

  • Yes, the onset of the monsoon season is often celebrated with enthusiasm, marking the beginning of the sowing season for farmers.

4. How can tourists prepare for Farrukhabad’s summer weather?

  • Tourists visiting during the summer should stay hydrated, wear light clothing, and use sunscreen to protect themselves from the intense heat.

5. What precautions should be taken during heavy rainfall in Farrukhabad?

  • Residents should stay updated on weather forecasts during the monsoon season and take precautions to avoid waterlogging and flooding in low-lying areas.

6. How accurate are weather forecasts for Farrukhabad?

  • Weather forecasts are generally accurate, but it’s advisable to stay updated with real-time information, especially during changing seasons.

7. How does humidity impact daily activities in Farrukhabad?

  • While humidity levels are moderate, it’s essential to stay hydrated and adapt clothing choices to ensure comfort during daily activities.


In conclusion, understanding Farrukhabad’s weather is essential for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re planning a trip or preparing for the changing seasons, staying informed ensures a more enjoyable experience. Farrukhabad weather is dynamic, and staying informed is the key to a seamless experience. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these weather insights will help you navigate the city with ease.