Korea is a beautiful country located East Asia in the Korean peninsula. The steady economic rise and Korea and Seoul’s continued campaign for respect of human rights continues to put Korea in a strategic world position. This is on both a trade and diplomatic level. The need for Korea to integrate further with the world has led to need for teachers to teach English in Korea. This will help the upcoming generation to adapt to English language usage. The need for English is driven by the fact that English is the largest economic language in the world.

The world’s biggest traders such as the US, China, Canada and Europe use English as their trading language. As such, in Korea there is a high demand for teachers to teach the language in their schools. Teachers applying to teach in Korea have a pack of benefits awaiting them. Successful applicants enjoy a set of benefits in exchange for their professional resources. All these packages act as a motivating factor for higher productivity. One will also be fully paid for any incurred traveling costs to Korea. Once you are accepted to teach in Korea, the state will pay for your airfare. This is also true concerning return fares.

This is because Korean people are warm and value discipline. This virtue comes out naturally due to their peace-oriented culture. Once you set foot in Korea, you will surely enjoy the accommodation reservations arranged for you. State guests are treated to the best accommodation arrangements to help make them as comfortable as possible.

This includes fully furnished quarters. One might choose accommodation settings, which may include living with another teacher or solo. It will be easy for you to make money in Korea. Since it is a government-sponsored program, the government guarantees salary. In addition to this, the individual gets tax immunity for two years.

Employment as a teacher could be at either a public school or private school. One would be advised when public schools are in session and when they close for holidays. Another benefit is receiving state-funded holiday vacations in Korea. Korea is known to have a rich culture spanning into centuries. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit Korean national parks and museums. The only thing that is required is a perfect grasp of the English language. Potential teachers need to demonstrate expertise in application of both written and spoken English. Native English speakers stand at a better chance.

The Korean language in other hand is easy to learn and it will take one a short duration of time to speak it. You must be wondering on how flexible or tight the qualifications are to teach English in Korea. The qualifications are shockingly very easy. You only need to be a graduate in any discipline to apply.

You also need to be residing in the following countries to apply Canada, The UK, US, South Africa and Australia. Applications can be conveniently done via the official website. One is required to fill the required details on the e-form then submit it or use one of the reputable agencies that will advise and help guide the applicant through all the steps.

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