Construction is a risky business; the last thing a woman should worry about is getting hit by a flying object. Luckily, construction workers understand this, and they’ve made high-visibility workwear for women to help combat that risk. This can be a difficult job at times, but wearing high-visibility workwear will help you feel more secure while on the job!

When working in a construction environment, women must wear high vis workwear to be easily identifiable. This is especially important for women typically marginalized in the construction industry. By wearing high-visibility clothing, women will be more likely to be promoted and given the same opportunities as men. Additionally, wearing high-visibility clothing will help prevent accidents and injuries.

Gender Equality in Construction

Construction is commonly known as one of the most male-dominated industries, and women are still largely absent from the field. This leaves women with several disadvantages, including decreased pay and opportunities for advancement. The good news is that attitudes are changing, and more and more women are entering the construction workforce. Here are some reasons why women in construction should wear high-visibility workwear:

  1. Increased Safety: When workers are visible, other drivers on the road know to watch out for them and stay away from their path. 
  2. Increased Pay: When workers are easily identifiable, employers are more likely to pay them fairly for their hard work. Some studies have found that female Construction labourers earn as much as 85% of male Construction labourers.
  3. Greater Opportunities for Advancement: When employers see that a large percentage of their workforce is female, they are more likely to give women opportunities for advancement. This opens up new career paths and opportunities for growth within the construction industry.
  4. Increased Confidence: When workers feel confident in their safety and well-being, they are more likely to be productive and effective on the job. Women in construction jobs can feel safe knowing that they are protected.
  5. Increased Productivity: When women feel safe at work, they are more likely to focus on productivity and efficiency, which results in increased bottom line profits for employers. According to research, companies with significant percentages of female workers have increased their incomes from $14,000 to $17,000 per employee.

How to Find High-Visibility Workwear?

Basically, high vis workwear should generally be made of materials that are easy to see in the sun. This means materials like nylon or polyester. The clothing should also have bright colours, making it easy to see from a distance. Additionally, high-visibility clothing should have reflective materials on the fabric so people can see even in low-light situations.


One of the many commonly known benefits of wearing high-visibility workwear is that it can make women more visible to drivers and pedestrians. This makes it easier for women to be seen and decreases the chance of being involved in a traffic accident. It can also help to stay safe while on-site and keep safe from potential injury. Additionally, wearing high-visibility clothing can increase confidence while working, making women less likely to feel intimidated by their surroundings. Finally, when conditions are hazardous, wearing high-visibility clothing can help identify a person needing assistance.

When potential accidents happen, proper attire will help minimize the damage that can be potentially done. So if planning on working in a construction environment, make sure to consider wearing high-visibility clothing like reflective vests and stickers.

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