Gold has stood the time to retain its status as the most valuable treasured metal in the world throughout history.

Its value is enhanced by its special feature of being indestructible and highly valued, especially because of the spot price where it is considered as a highly liquid asset.

It is hunted by humans, not just as an asset or for making ornaments, but it is also used in the manufacturing of some electrical and medical machinery. They come in colors and brightness, the brighter the color, the higher the carat, and the higher the price.

But do you really know how to test gold to know how pure it is? This is just a disclaimer and not a discouragement for you not to spoil yourself with a special chain or ring. You can still find genuine ones in stores and online shops.

Reasons to test

The precious metal industry is often a high-risk business environment, from shrewd business people to crooks who will not think twice before taking your money in exchange for a fake item.

Also, their price fluctuates daily. It is upon the business people to have the skills to assess their value and price it well to make a profit. Below are a few ways of testing their authenticity.

Karat Rating

Karat rating helps you to know the amount of real gold for your jewelry relative to different metals. It also measures the quality of your item. The higher the amount of karat, the higher the quality and price.

For example, 24-karat is considered the purest with 99.9 % gold content, an 18 karat comprises 75% and the 25 is other base metal. Read more here


Although they come in different colors like white and rose-gold, the yellow one is the most sought after.

Keep in mind that they tend to change color when mixed with other base metals. In case you are doubtful about the color, you can always ask the smith or the seller. Google has good information about all metals.

Always weigh 

Check the weight of your item to know if it’s genuine. Remember, other base stones can also make the weight of your metal a bit heavier.

A hallmark 

A hallmark shows the purity of your precious metal. It is a piece of information marked in it or an initial that shows its origin.

The hallmarking of gold is compulsory, especially when you are in the business. It gives guarantees of the purity of this metal.

When you want to put hallmarks on your metal, please note the following steps.

  • Send portions to your trusted assay workplace for valuation
  • After the valuation, they will guarantee its quality
  • They will then add your precise sponsor’s mark
  • They will put a mark that shows which assay office or company evaluated the piece

One gram or less can be exempted from hallmarking.

Test with vinegar

Usually, a genuine one does not react with the acidity that is vinegar because they are stable. It will also not change color when you put drops of vinegar on it. In case your metal turns blackish when it comes in contact with vinegar, it means it is not pure. But if the coloring remains the same, it means it is pure.


Before starting the search for the perfect piece that you wish to buy, It is paramount to ask for recommendations from friends and family who have previously interacted with buying or selling of the metal.

They will be able to point to you a jewelry store where they procured their jewelry in the past, and they had a pleasant experience. Their good experience can also be extended to you by the seller.

The reputation of the dealer you decide to buy from is very important. Don’t overlook any hearsay or negative allegations from people who claim to know him, however petty the allegation is. You may also review the list of your local vendors online most often; you will find customer reviews on their social media pages.

Assay mark

It is a mark or an act of showing the authenticity of you metal. An Assay is a sure way to know if an object is a bar of genuine gold. They do it using an essay kit.

An assay kit has items like dilute nitric acid and a touchstone. They fabricate the touchstone from a darkish acid-resistant rock.

The Jeweler gently rubs the item across the touchstone to leave a streak mark. They then apply the acid solution to the mark. If the gold content on the touchstone vanishes, the gold content is very low, but when the content is high, it will not vanish. Click here to read a few other tips.

Precious metals for pleasure

Maybe you want to buy a piece of special jewelry that has some genuine metal value for your loved one and your budget is low. Below are some techniques that use a small percentage of gold to make chains or rings.

  • Rolled gold plate
  • Gold electro plated
  • Gold plated


Those entering the business of precious metals should know that knowledge of testing and telling its authenticity is vital, it will keep you out of trouble of buying or selling fake metal which amounts to fraud. Rumors in the precious metals market say that a genuine 100% gold is uncommon, maybe because it is too soft to make a durable item.