For many years sales have been about successfully converting more potential customers into loyal ones. Field sales services evolved to achieve the same goal outside the formal office setting.

With time, sales executives realised the importance of getting to know their customers firsthand and catering to their needs in the best way possible.

Trends in sales

Focusing on the future growth

Planning is vital for any profession. It is essential to sales growth as well. This involves analysing trends and planning. This enables sales agents to be equipped to make the best of the opportunity irrespective of the change in the environment.

Organisations into field sales services can recognise macro shifts and quickly turn them into an advantage for them. This enables them to drive sales efficiently in areas other competitors have yet to explore.

Integrating data and analytics

Sales forces have a large amount of data available at their fingertips. However, the trick lies in analysing these effectively and gaining the needed insights from them.

The major shift noticed today is the use of data for analytic purposes and employing it to predict patterns. Sales forces use this data to recognise opportunities and identify risks. This helps them cash in on the potential while also minimising risk.


Outsourcing the automation of sales processes is a trend that has seen massive growth. These third-party agencies help manage the entire process from start to finish. It includes demand generation, customer onboarding, acquisition, and successfully achieving customer satisfaction.

These external agencies can identify target audiences and use data analytics to identify potential leads. They cater to a broad market and have a specific plan that caters to these markets.

Social selling

With the increased dependency on the internet, sales organisations must tap into all possible avenues to reach potential customers.

By analysing the opinions and discussions across various platforms, organisations can understand a lot about their customers, the buyers, who influence the decision making and controls for the budget and ultimately who influences the decision.

Increasing marketing collaborations

It is imperative to align the sales goals with the marketing department. Both disciples work towards amplifying sales in their respective ways. Marketing helps target the right audience and buyers that help convert sales.

The data collected by the marketing team when it comes to customer preferences and expectations help in creating a more accurate sales structure.

Adopting artificial intelligence (AI)

Close to 40% of the tasks performed under traditional sales organisations are now automated. Lead generation is one of the prime areas where AI has been a game-changer.

Leads that are not followed tend to waste time, resources, and money. Implementing CRM systems helps in achieving 100% success in converting the leads.

Use of videos and images

An increase in images and videos is a great way to promote sales engagingly. Due to the pandemic, the rate of video consumption has shot up globally. It is an excellent time to switch out long-form content with videos instead.

Videos are used to describe various aspects of the sales process, thereby effectively communicating the necessary information in a more concise and viewer-friendly manner.

Competition is the driving force for businesses and their continuous growth. There has been a drastic change in how various verticals of business function. The introduction of cutting-edge technology has led to the intelligent integration of technology with traditional concepts.

The process and importance of sales remain pivotal to every company’s growth. Revolutionary tools have been developed that aid sales teams in achieving their targets and leading to profitable growth.

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