When it comes to casinos, slots are still one of the most popular options for the players and there are a few reasons why they are trending. First of all, slot machines don’t require any significant skill and most of the gameplay is simple and based on luck.
Secondly, slot machines provide great entertainment for the players thanks to the engaging graphics and consistent action. Last but not least, slot machines have great returns to the player, and the possibility to earn a life-changing amount of money, which sounds attractive for everyone.
However, there are different types of slots, and in today’s article we will focus on Vegas-style slots and find out how are they different.

What are Vegas-style Slots?

Vegas-style slot machines or games are mostly defined by their use of Random Number Generator or RNG that is built within the machine. With that said, every spin is governed by the state of the RNG at the time the spin button is pressed by the player.
When a player decides to spin, the active number that the machine is on at that given moment is selected, and the game searches for the outcome for that number and renders it to the player.
Compared to other types of slots, Vegas-style slots don’t rely on an outside source of information for the outcome of every spin, and they are truly self-contained.

The Math Behind Vegas-style Slots

Since we are talking about a machine where each spin is random, it is possible (although unlikely) to hit multiple wins or losses in a row. Also, the machine could hit jackpots on back-to-back spins. The reason for this is that each individual spin is not defined by the spin before or the one that follows.
Vegas-style slots are completely random and there is no connection between spins, like in other types of slot machines. However, their pre-defined odds stop jackpots from occurring back-to-back since the second jackpot will have the exact same chance as the first one.
Bonuses are also pre-determined and based on the user’s choice or the timing of an RNG. However, the math of the machine balances out after each game is played over and over again, and bonuses and free spins will be given more equally to players.

How Payback Works

The best thing about Class III slot machines which Vegas-style slot machines belong to is that most markets require payback reporting. They must publish the PAR sheet for a game publicly, from where the payback can be defined.
The RTP (Return to Player) can be published by the manufacturer which is very important for the players. Since the casino doesn’t have some kind of impact on the RNG cycles that generate millions of combinations at a rapid pace when the spin button is pressed, even they don’t know the payout rate and they have to optimize the machine once a while.

The Difference Between Class II and Class II Slot Games

Class II slot machines are designed to replicate Class III slot machines but within the confines of the regulatory guidelines. Most slots that fall in the Class II category are defined as bingo regardless of whatever computer or type of game you play.
The biggest difference between Class II and Class III is that with the Class II slot games the results from each spin are based on electronic bingo games involving multiple machines at the casino. You can find the top 5 best Slot Machines in Vegas here and play them online.

Final Words

Traditional Vegas-style slots are one of the most popular slot machines today. With the advancement of technology, casinos started implementing their Class III slot machines digitally.
Nowadays, the RNG is built within the code of the game and defines the outcome of each spin with no connection to other players that are playing or previous spins.
People consider Vegas-style slots to be the fairest in terms of payouts, and maybe that is why they are quite popular at the moment.