Pet Simulator X just released a new update featuring a limited time Valentine’s event, new currency, pets, eggs, and more. Players can now experience the season of love and explore the new Valentine’s area by traveling through the pink door in the Town area.

The new Valentine’s Heart currency can be found throughout the entire map by breaking anything, such as chests. Additionally, players can find Valentine’s heart breakables to obtain extra hearts. Four new Valentine’s pets have been added, along with the new Huge Cupid Corgi. These pets can be hatched from the new Valentine’s egg found in the Valentine’s area.

A new Scavenger Egg Hunt has also been added to the game, with players having three hours to find the new Scavenger Egg, which contains the Safari Cat and Huge Safari Cat.

In addition, the game has a new “Event” pet Rarity, which has been added to clarify which pets can be used in the Huge Machine. The teleport menu has been refreshed, and a new hatch animation has been added, giving players a whole new look to exclusive egg hatching.

Furthermore, the update also features new Meme Exclusive pets, including the latest Titanic Hubert, Huge Pop Cat, Huge Knife Cat, and the bussin’ Clout Cat.

One setting that has been removed in this update is the “Show Auto UI” setting, which was confusing and could be accidentally disabled by players. The odds of obtaining Huge Doodle Fairy have also been buffed, making it easier for players to get their hands on this pet.

Overall, this update is perfect for players who are looking to celebrate the season of love while playing Pet Simulator X. With the addition of new pets, eggs, and currency, there’s plenty for players to explore and enjoy in the game. The refreshed teleport menu and new hatch animation are also great additions that make the game even more fun to play.

To take full advantage of the new update and to get your hands on the new pets, be sure to use a Pet Simulator X value list so that you can find out the accurate Gem values of all of the new pets. Know how much to sell them for if you manage to hatch them, or make sure that you are not overpaying if you are trying to purchase a new pet.

Go ahead, spread some love and enjoy playing Pet Simulator X!