Going mobile may change the way your company functions as a whole. How to make this transition smooth? What possibilities do mobile apps offer in terms of business development? Here are some insights you may find valuable.

Field services are challenging in terms of management, but technological advance provides us with new ways for handling them. With an increasing number of mobile users, it’s worth trying out field service mobile apps that enable field management anytime, anywhere, contrary to traditional software solutions.

The specifics of fieldwork make it perfect for mobile platforms since the employees are constantly on the move. In changing conditions, with limited access to equipment, they can use their mobile devices to access all the necessary information and manage their tasks.

How to ensure that the mobile field service app will serve its purpose, improving the information flow and enhancing the overall productivity? Here are some aspects to pay attention to when choosing your provider.

1 Flexibility

Your field service management mobile app should be available both for web and mobile interfaces so that the users can navigate it regardless of the circumstances. It’s also worth thinking over the dependence on internet connectivity. The task updates will require network access, but the essential information (such as task history, contact info, schedule time, etc.) should be available for the field technicians in an offline mode, too.

2 Task management

The main objective of the field management mobile app is to provide the field personnel real-time access to data without having to open their laptops. With mobile field service apps, they can stay informed 24/7. Opening the field service app, they should be able to see the prioritized task list for a particular day and have all the information embedded in the tasks – like the previous services related, responsible employees, necessary equipment, and so on. Once they finish, they can update the task status without communicating it to the supervisor. It’s an efficient way to improve the information flow.

3 Service reports

Using the field service mobile app, the field workers should be able to manage the tasks, but also to prepare service reports in an intuitive manner. The service reports provide the supervisors and field managers with much more control over the whole process and gather data that can be used for further improvements and innovations. Usually, they adopt a form of a picture, comments, and ratings. Such information stays in the app – the administrator can restrict access to it or keep it open for the users so that they have a big picture of the processes.

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