Have you ever felt that your makeup looks dull or melts away after a few hours? Do you think your face lacks definition even after applying all the right makeup products? You can get a flawless look by using a primer or a face highlighter before applying a foundation meant for your complexion.

Using primer and highlighters in your makeup can improve your complexion drastically. And using them in proper order and manner is also a point to keep in mind. But before going to the appropriate steps and procedures, let us tell you what highlighters and primers are.

What is a Face highlighter, and why is it used?

Highlighter is a makeup product that is applied to reflect light from the face. Highlighters come in a wide range like powder, cream, stick, or jelly. One should use a highlighter on the high rising areas of the face like the upper cheekbones, nose, or the T zone of the face.

Different types of Highlighters to choose from

You can choose from various types of highlighters. Each one performs a specific task. You can also vary the application from heavy or light according to your convenience.

Cream or jelly based highlighters will blend with your skin and give you a natural look. But if you are looking for a more made-up look, then powder highlighters are the best. Also, while choosing highlighters, you should pay attention to your undertone as well. For example, if you have yellowish or olive undertones, go with golden highlighters. And, if you have pink, red, or bluish undertones, go with pearl highlighters.

Powder Highlighter: You can use powder highlighters for the final touches after makeup. And can apply it on top of your foundation or setting powder. You can apply this with a fan brush or a rounded brush. It is suitable for oily skin types.

Stick Highlighter: These come in a roll-on stick form and give you better control during application. Sticks may feel creamy while application, but the overall look is semi-matt. While using sticks, make sure to press them lightly. And do not overdo it if you are also using powder foundation.

Cream Highlighters: Using Cream highlighters will give you a more dewy finish. You can easily apply cream highlighters by directly swiping them over your cheekbones or T zone.

Jelly Highlighters: Jelly highlighters may seem wet initially but dry soon after application. It would help if you used them while doing the base and not over the foundation or setting area. Also, it gives you a more inside-out glow.

What is a primer, and why is it used?

Primers are gel-like liquids that create a layer between your skin and the makeup. They are used to even out your skin tone, smooth the skin, and make the makeup last longer. Choosing primer makeup depends on the look that you want.

There are different kinds of primers like mattifying, colour correcting, hydrating, etc.

Different types of primers to choose from

Like highlighters, there is a wide range of options in primers as well. There are primers to give you different looks, primers for different skin types, and primers to correct skin tones. Always ensure that you use only a nickel-size amount of primer and choose the primer according to your skin type.

Illuminating primers: Some primers have glittery particles in them. These are excellent for doing illuminating makeup and adding glow to your face.

Mattifying primers: These primers give you a matt look and are best suited for oily skin types. Mattifying primers will help reduce shine and also control sebum.

Colour Correcting primers: Color correcting primers are slightly tinted primers. Not like the regular transparent ones. They are used to hide redness, discolouration, ashy skin, or sallow skin. They come in different tints according to the skincare concern.

Hydrating primers: Hydrating Primers are best suited for dry skin types. They will add an extra layer of moisturising.

Pore-minimising primers: You should use them for skin that has either too many or big pores. Pore minimising gives you a smooth finish. It is a product that many makeup professionals choose.

Steps to Use Primer and Face Highlighter

While using any makeup product, there is a proper order in which we should use them. The same goes with Primers and highlighters too.

  • Before applying any makeup product, make sure to cleanse, tone, and moisturise your skin. For cleansing, you can use micellar water or a face wash, a toner, and a moisturiser that suits your skin.
  • After applying the moisturiser, you can go ahead and use the primer of your choice.
  • Take only a nickel-sized amount of primer and then distribute it evenly all over your face. Make sure you don’t leave out the eyelids.
  • After applying the primer, proceed with your base makeup. First, use the corrector, the foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour, and apply the highlighter in base makeup.
  • While applying the highlighter, make sure to only apply to the areas that you want to emphasise. It is because highlighters are generally a shade lighter than your skin tone.
  • To begin with, focus on the apple of your cheek and the T zone. Then move on to the forehead, nose, and the tip of your chin.
  • Do not apply a highlighter on the outer corner of the eye.
  • After applying the highlighter, you can proceed with the rest of your makeup.

We hope that this simplified guide will help you step up your makeup game and give you the look you desire.