With the population of the keenest and ebullient coffee drinkers, Australia has an average consumption of 1.90 kilograms of coffee every year. This lands up to plenty of coffee beans as well as some diligent coffee makers.

It hardly matters if you are starting a new business or want a coffee machine for those energising morning coffees without hassle. However, it cannot be taken lightly cause everyone will agree that good coffee is the best start to any morning, and in any business, perfection is necessary, but in case of any business purpose one needs a commercial coffee machine.

Buying guide:

  • Coffee Type: For all the other industries except coffee, machines are bought looking into transportation, beauty and construction. For coffee, it’s simple; one needs to keep in mind what type of coffee they are going to use the machine for and then look for something that can do the work. One has to check on their purpose of buying the machine if they want the best looking exotic machines just for a good look or an exotic coffee blend taste or if they will need to crush multiple coffee beans right in the morning.
  • Find a roaster: After deciding the type of coffee, the next step is to choose a roaster. Before buying a roaster, one must do sufficient research and visit various local roasters.
  • Venue size, customer volume, and staff number: There’s no point in buying a vast sized coffee machine if the venue one has chosen cannot accommodate the coffee machine adequately. In such a case, it is advisable to go for a single or two group coffee machine. The number of coffee machines also depends upon the number of staff working. One cannot expect one staff to work on four devices at the same time. One has to keep in mind all these before buying a coffee machine.
  • Size and weight: It’s significant to opt for a coffee machine that fits one’s bench or space. Buying one that will not fit will destroy the ambience and purpose—checking the size and dimensions before buying is crucial.
  • Settings, features and functionality: First thing to look for is if one wants to go for a single or double boiler machine. The one additional feature that the double boiler has is that the coffee is prepared at an unfluctuating temperature which thus reduces the risks of burnt beans. There are also features like portafilters, group heads, steam wands, baskets, and grinders, resulting in a good quality coffee. Discussing one’s needs and sharing ideas with the dealer can be a good help.
  • Wattage: A few coffee machines need high wattage for the smooth functioning of the machine. Checking with the dealer for the requirement of the machine’s wattage and then the electrician if the venue will be able to take the wattage of the coffee is necessary.
  • Aesthetics: One way to attract customers is aesthetic! No one would want to enter a dull-looking cafe, even though one has high-quality coffee, they wouldn’t know about it because the ambience would take them away from the cafe. Going to good looking coffee machines is also necessary.

There are various coffee machine sellers. One of them, which is trustworthy and sells a good-quality product, is the Coffee Republic. This brand has different types of coffee machines and is a reliable brand.

There are various coffee machines to choose from, one has to choose it according to their requirements and needs. A commercial coffee machine is way different from what we use at homes and requires much more headbanging while choosing. Using the buying guide above, I hope it became easier to buy a coffee machine for their new cafe. Happy shopping!

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 Alison Lurie is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry.  She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.