Celebrating your birthday can be a bit bland and sometimes, even depressing, as you grow older, especially today when we are still about to recover from the pandemic. Celebrations seem to be a bit tough these days because of the bleak happenings around the world. More than this, we could barely get our family and friends together because of health risks.

Pand-Epic Birthday: 7 Ways to Celebrate During Lockdown

If your birthday is just right around the corner and you still have little ideas on how to celebrate it, we can give you a few great ideas. The good thing is that we are easy to adapt to the times and come up with innovative ways of throwing parties. Here are some tips for throwing a birthday bash amid the pandemic:

1. Buy yourself something lavish

Let us start with something a bit more common. A good way to celebrate your birthday is to also celebrate your milestone with your work. Buy something a bit more extra for yourself—something that you think you will not buy on a normal day. Of course, make sure that the things you will buy are those that you will also use. You can gift yourself, for example, a luxury watch like a Rolex Submariner or a Marc Jacobs Watch. You can check out reliable online shops that offer authentic luxury watches like TheWatchCompany.com. They also have different choices of luxury watches from the best brands in the industry.

Some people think twice about luxury watches, but we could not stress enough how perfect gifts these are. Not only are they good displays of social status, but they are also great investments.

2. Send food deliveries to family and friends

What is a good party without scrumptious food shared with family and friends? Since it is risky to get together and enjoy meals, why not send the food to them? A good way to celebrate your birthday is to order food deliveries and send them to your family and friends. It is also a good idea to send drinks and have fun!

3. Throw a virtual party

The prior point is an important step to this next one, which is holding a virtual party. Now that everyone has food and drinks with them, you can now have a virtual party. The key to doing this is to schedule it when most of your attendees will be free from doing their work and others. Decide on a platform that you will use and send them invites! For your virtual party to be more fun and less awkward, you can prepare activities that will allow all of you to get to know each other even better.

We cannot emphasize enough how events like these are important for everyone, especially when most of us are feeling anxious about things. We all need to socialize, catch up with each other, and be everyone’s support system.

4. Cook your favorite food

If you want something quieter and less grand, you can keep it simple and special at the same time. One way to do this is to try your hand in the kitchen and cook a dish that you like but have not tried preparing yet. The thrill here is the experience of getting the dish right and, of course, sharing the meal with your loved ones. If you are living alone, maybe you can invite even just your partner or a few friends in. Just make sure that you have informed them days before for them to prepare and observe their health status.

5. Hold a virtual watch party

This is best for pay-per-view services or if you have an anticipated game night. You can avail of a pay-per-view service for a good movie or game and invite your family and friends for a virtual game night. Good thing, there are now platforms that offer this kind of feature.

6. Prepare meals for essential workers

You can also try something different for your birthday, like preparing meals for essential workers like health workers, street cleaners, the maintenance staff, and more. Without a doubt, these workers are extra tired because of the important work they need to do during the pandemic. They are also more prone to catching the virus because they are exposed to everyone every day. To extend help, you can treat them to good food and prepare free meals for them.

7. Start a donation drive for the needy

There is no other best way to celebrate your birthday than to return it to society and do something bigger than you. You can start a donation drive that can provide a helping hand to those in need, especially today when lots of people are becoming laid off from work. You do not need to do this on your own. It is best to do this with the help of the entire community. You can start a campaign about a donation drive. The key here is preparation. You need to prepare the community that you will hold the donation drive. You will then seek other sponsors that can support your donation drive.

Celebrate your day your way

Here are just some ideas that we can think of about how you can celebrate your birthday even if there is a pandemic. You can still be more creative and come up with other ways. The only important thing here is for you to celebrate your birthday however you like and to connect with the people important to you.