What is LetMeWatchThis:

For those who have used an internet streaming site previously, LetMeWatchThis may look very familiar. The platform has been referred to as PrimeWire in the past, but it has recently broken and is now distributed as PrimeWire, LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel. The MPAA usually places pressure on internet service providers ( ISPs) if an online streaming platform becomes so massive that it affects the income of major motion picture studios, causing them to limit access to the online streaming website, which is precisely what happened to PrimeWire.life.

The explanation for the split is simple: 


For its own good, PrimeWire becomes way too famous. How would it be? Well, platforms for video viewing offer access to licenced content, and copyright holders such as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) do not like it.

Not all ISPs, of course, are able to censor the website, but sooner or later, many give in. The great news is that using virtual private network (VPN) services, you can very quickly bypass content filtering, and then you can skip to the last section of this post to read more about VPNs.

Accessing Issues Let me watch this:


As incredible as LetMeWatchThis.com is, it has its issues. The greatest issue with all of them is that it has been banned due to copyright claims in some countries. The website has been so huge that it has managed to threaten big film production houses to censor the site by pressuring ISPs. Not all ISPs have, of course, blocked the web, which is why it is still readily accessible in certain areas.

 How will the Blocked Areas be seen LetMeWatchThis:

So, if you’d like to watch LetMeWatchThis TV, and if it’s disabled in your area, downloading a VPN is the only way around on this problem. You have to realize that no VPN is going to cut it, you will need one that will guarantee that you can stay clean, stable, and anonymous online.

This is what you need to do after you have located a stable VPN:

  • Download the unblocking VPN and install it.
  • VPN access.
  • Connecting to a VPN server that you can login Let Me Watch This.
  • Check out Let Me Watch This.

Let’s take a deeper look at how LetMeWatchthisPrimeWire are absolutely distinct from one another before you go any further. The two sites are entirely separate from each other, as described earlier, so they are in no way connected to each other. The two are entirely different bodies, but they can not be mistaken in order to be the same. As for the variations between the two, not much are there. Both deliver films and TV shows, and they do so without any complications with streaming, which would be a huge deal.

Mirror Sites And Proxies LetMeWatchThis:

Now, there was nothing wrong with that if you want to stick to enjoying your favourite movies and TV shows on LetMeWatchThisreddit. You can use a VPN to obtain access if it is banned in your region. However, you can use its alternate mirror pages and proxies instead if you don’t want to go through the trouble of having a VPN and using it to login LetMeWatchThis.

You should probably try out these mirror sites and proxies:

  1. https://www.letmewatchthis.cx/
  2. http://letmewatchthis.si/
  3. https://www.letmewatchthis.fun/
  4. https://www.letmewatchthis.is/

Alternative websites for LetMeWatchThis:

Let’s take a look at some of the other sites which are just as decent, if not better, than the popular video streaming platform, now that you know what proxies and mirror sites to try out as LetMeWatchThis alternatives.



With an extensive movie database, popcornflix is the one of the best possible alternatives to letmewatchthis.com. This includes films from diverse genres such as horror, drama, action, and including trendy serials that will help you liked watching coke and popcorn online. The gui, too, is user-friendly and simple to use. What makes Popcornflix one of the best websites close letmewatchthis is that it offers free and full-length movies that you should legally stream from Popcornflix’s official website and also from your mobiles.

2. 123Movies:


One of the easiest ways to watch movies online is 123Movie, free of cost. The website is brilliantly built, showing movies in all their glory, providing each on-site film with many alternative mirrors. Another free, no-registration website for streaming TV series and movies is 123Movies. For whatever excuse, the website keeps updating its domain address to continue its operation.

3. SolarMovie:


You will stream all the TV shows from all countries on SolarMovie and view all the films. You can quickly find other movies on TV featuring the best star or with the same director that will be appropriately labelled. Most people can watch live movies with absolute transparency, such as HD, but you can also experience a CAM release. SolarMovie is one of the important sites, and due to its large directory, it is the best way for many people to unblock letmewatchthis.

4. SnagFilms:


Snag Films was among the most fascinating ways to Let Me Watch This, showcasing documentary films. It has enough content, basically, to keep you happy for hours. It’s free, even though every now and then you’ll have to bear with advertising. In addition, the streams are high-quality, which is just what you’re going to need to enjoy the content you plan to watch.

5. GoMovies:


MovieGo provides its customers with outstanding facilities and is a perfect alternative to LetMeWatchThis.is. It’s got an incredible video library, and you can see every video you dream about. They still aim to keep the data current and to offer new datasets to their customers regularly. MovieGo is a location where you can watch online, high-quality movies and TV shows. MovieGo is extremely well crafted and the app looks and sounds more like a Netflix competitor than a conventional website for streaming.

6. VuMoo:


Vumoo is perfect for streaming TV shows as it conveniently lists all seasons under the video player, helping you to watch a whole season without taking a break. When it comes to discovering such clips, Vumoo is incredibly common and is the best platform for designing, notifying, delivering content and selecting videos. For all the related features such as letmewatchthis.fun movie section, it includes certain upgraded features and resources that make it simpler and more enjoyable.

7. CoolMovieZone:

CoolMovieZone is an online streaming platform that seeks to lure people into ads on pages that have nothing to do with it: it does some good and one wrong thing. Then why? About why? And any single subscription makes money. But you’ll be in order as long as you recall using the external connexions underneath the images.

8. Afdah:


Afdah is a web scraper that lists online movie pages on its own database, but does not host anything. It scraps all genre of films, including action , adventure, anime, biography, satire, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, film-noir, history, horror, jazz, jazz, mystery, news, romantic, science fiction, short, sport, talk-show, suspense, war, and western.


LetMeWatchThis shares its DNA with PrimeWire, another popular online streaming platform, providing an excellent solution for individuals whose PrimeWire has been blocked by their internet service provider. While LetMeWatchThis has yet to get as infamous as many other major online streaming services out there, to keep your search history to yourself, we still suggest you visit it only through a VPN provider such as NordVPN.