Are you in the market for a new Melbourne home? Australia’s second-largest city is among the top areas projected for property growth, according to Canstar. When you think of hiring the most suitable one from the new house builders melbourne, your options include different types of homes, including townhomes. They usually include a space with a small footprint and multiple stories and are extremely popular as single-family homes.

Here are some of the main reasons to consider this type of home in the metro Melbourne area:

1.Convenient Locations

One of the key benefits of townhomes is that you can often find them in convenient locations. This includes a short distance to supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, etc. Therefore, they’re ideal for small households that need to access such places frequently for their everyday needs.

Another benefit is that Melbourne is a large metro area, which is ideal for townhouses since it offers a comfy living space with a small footprint. Melbourne’s population is nearly 5 million in 2020.

The capital cities provide several benefits over smaller towns. This is related to factors like housing, employment, transportation, and so on. It explains why more than two-thirds of Australians live in the metropolitan areas of Australia’s capital cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

2.Stylish Design

While townhouses are smaller than full-size homes, they can still provide the same design styles. It means you won’t have to sacrifice style for size, which is important for many homeowners. You can select from many of the exterior and interior designs of larger dwellings.

3.Perfect Size

Another key benefit of townhomes is that they offer a small home in a compact space. This is ideal for the average Australian household of around 2.5 people.

Small families typically don’t require a large space like that of full-size homes. A townhome often suits their needs with a limited number of bedrooms and a small kitchen, living room, and so on.

Another perk for new families is that townhomes are usually more affordable than large homes. Studies show that townhouses are typically cheaper than full-size houses, yet more expensive than apartments. Meanwhile, while renting apartments can save you money, buying/building a townhome can provide the benefit of homeownership.

Yet another benefit of townhouses’ smaller space is the limited land available for real estate development in metropolitan areas. This makes the multistorey feature of townhouses very practical for large cities like Melbourne. The feature also increases the number of units available in metropolitan areas over rural areas.


This is another key benefit of townhouses over full-size houses. It’s mostly related to the smaller size of the house and lawn. For example, the building’s smaller footprint makes it easier to sweep, mop or vacuum.

A smaller yard is also easier to maintain since you won’t need a tractor mower to mow the grass. This is definitely a perk for homeowners who want to avoid spending half a Saturday afternoon mowing their lawn.


If you’re looking for flexible real estate, then townhouses are a practical option. Some of the ideal buyers include first home buyers, downsizers and investors. This is due to various benefits related to size, style, and affordability. In these situations, you can experience benefits not available with apartment rental or large homes.

So, if you’re considering new house builders melbourne for constructing your dream home, you should know that townhomes are one of the most practical options. They provide a wide range of possible benefits that make them perfect for first-time owners, small families, and real estate investors. Townhomes can be ideal whether you live in a city, town, or village.