What is Afdah Video?

It is an incredibly popular website for movie watching that enables users to view free films , TV shows and episodes. Afdah is not a legitimate website, so the material available is not liable for authenticity, compliance, copyright, legality, and decency.

You can stream the Afdah Tv website from your laptop , desktop, and cell phones. Descriptions, scores and other miscellaneous details are given on the website to help you find the material that is worth viewing. Afdah helps Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistan, Korea, Germany , Spain, etc. to watch movies. It is fast , secure and effective, but the sad truth about Afdah is that in certain countries, this websites is banned because it requires copyrighted content to be streamed by its users. You can either unblock it or search its choices.

Brief Explanation of Afdah:

Afdah.info is the best venue for online streaming of videos and listening to music. Basically, it offers a great forum for videos to be posted, exchanged and watched, except for streaming.

You’ve always found like you enjoyed a film, and it’s too eye-catching and enticing to replay it again-n-again. But you’re afraid it could be erased or lost, or your data is restricted, so any time you try to watch it, you can’t access Afdah.info again.

So you want to save the particular Offline video to replay it wherever and whenever you can. Ok, now you’re one step closer to downloading your favourite video straight to your machine without using any apps or add-ons.

How to download a Afdah video:

  • View a video & Copy the URL of the video:

First of all, the video you want to import from Afdah.info has to be looked for. All you need to do now is copy / cut the URL from either the URL box / address box (by clicking the CTRL+L keystroke combo on the screen, the URL will be illuminated and you can quickly copy / cut the URL by clicking CTRL+C or CTRL+X) after you have located the video you are looking for.

  • Open / Check for 9xbuddy & Paste the URL of the video:

The afdah free movies first move was not a difficult one, right? The same apply to the second step, that will take you a bit closer to your media File downloading. The second move is to quickly search for 9xbuddy in google / yahoo / bing or any other search engine you use regularly or conveniently by typing 9xbuddy in the address bar after receiving the video’s URL.


You have been almost close to completing the second step; now you will see a huge rectangular box just under the minions upon this homepage of 9xbuddy with captions such as “Enter the url of its video you want to import,” all you want is to paste the URL of the media file into that box.

Only click the Download button after pasting the media file connexion into the box, or simply press Enter if you are on a PC / laptop. And this is the end of the second step. Let’s switch to the third and final steps right now.

  • Links will be extracted for download:

Basically, in the final stage, you don’t have to do anything, anything in the context will be processed, in short,’ Let the miracle happen’.

After pasting & pressing the update button, it takes a few seconds for our script to remove the media file’s links to download from the URL you just pasted. And you are ready to go after the extraction method is finished and also the final extracting links are created.

You can see different formats & quality sizes of media files, all you need to pick the one you want now. The file size can also be viewed by clicking on the ‘Display Size’ button. Click on the download after choosing the preferred video quality & format. That’s it, your media file will immediately start streaming and you can replay it as many times as you want afterwards. This is not the safest and fastest way to import the media files without any programme or app or plug-in being included. If yes , then please simply share these awesome moves with your friends / siblings / non-relatives / stranger.


The best Afdah alternatives:

  • GoMovies:


The Afdah Movies alternative free website that should not be missed is GoMovies. It is a relatively new website, but its popularity is increasingly growing. GoMovies has massive movie records, and frequently adds TV series and newly released movies to encourage you to stream free content without any hassle. Videos are grouped by classifications such as IMDB scores, A-Z lists, counties, languages, etc. After just a few weeks, the HD version will generally be available. To access images, you won’t need to log in or subscribe. You can browse the site and start watching videos and Tv programmes with a single click.

  •  Yes! Movies:

Yes! Movies

If you’re looking for a website with the same Afdah user interface, then yes! Movies are the best choice that gives you plenty of material from various genres, such as comedy, suspense, horror, family, romantic, adventure, drama, animation, and more. It has got a large selection of films from numerous countries. Fresh releases can also be streamed without registration or subscription.

  • Popcornflix:


Popcornflix is a common and completely secure website for watching or streaming online shows and movies such as Afdah. On this page, the video content is mainly films and television shows created by original production and processing companies. This is very stable and is consistent with operating systems, Windows, iOS, and others. You don’t even need to sign up to build an account in order to stream movies and TV shows, and that is another good point about using Popcornflix.

  • 123Movies:


Another fantastic alternative to Afdah Movie is 123Movies, which provides a vast range of completely free movies, films , TV shows and episodes. You will select material from numerous titles and genres from the enormous library. On this website, comedy, horror, family, romance, mystery, suspense, action, etc. films are eligible. Completely HD movies are available free of charge as well. To stream content on 123Movies, no registration is necessary.


  • The LosMovies:

The LosMovies

Do not forget to check LosMovies while searching for alternate Afdah Movie websites! LosMovies has a user interface that is strong. It has a huge selection of film, series and TV shows. The website features subtitled videos and is also a great medium for language learners who want to broaden their horizons with authentic content. By filtering them according to IMDB ranking, alphabet, directors, stars, release date, etc., you can watch movies. You won’t be disappointed. check the site for sure.

  • Bob Movies:

Bob Movies

A huge and growing selection of classic and newly released movies is filled with Bob Movies. You will find the content you are looking for with a simple and creative user experience. Movies do not occur in categories or in a certain series. They are listed and crowded, leaving customers uncertain about what they are looking for. The translations and the accuracy of the video are outstanding and the loading time on the website is good. To find a movie by keyword, you can only use a search bar.

Also, MP4moviez 2020

 How famous is Afdah:

Afdah has a global Alexa rating of 7,823, according to Alexa.com, a database that offers information on websites across different categories. This rating is based on traffic details obtained by Alexa.com through a vast number of internet users worldwide. The popularity of Afdah Movies has risen over the last 90 days, and according Alexa.com, as its Global Alexa Rating has moved from 10,130 to 7,823. In comparison, Alexa.com shows that 5.62 pages per person on this site was browsed regularly, with 4.23 minutes of regularly time spent on the site.

The approximate worth of the website of Afdah:

Afdah free movie has an approximate valuation of US$ 23,210,000, according to WorthofWeb.com, a database that offers information on the worth of websites. This calculated valuation is based on the automated calculation of a website’s advertisement sales by WorthofWeb.com based on the public traffic and rating statistics, like Alexa.com statistics. Afdah also impacts the movie industry not only by spreading pirated content, but WorthofWeb.com also says, An estimated 88,247,880 visitors per year that search an estimated 441,170,280 pages per year are also estimated to produce advertising revenue of US $1,323,360 annually.