Online technology has given a massive push to how modern learning takes place. Increasingly, online courses are taking over the conventional teaching and learning methods. They are paving the way for students and even working professionals to various opportunities for career growth and self-learning. Free online learning, along with online courses, is a highly sought-after learning way that does away with physical class attendance.

Today, you can enrol in online courses from leading government registered training providers, tertiary institutions, and industry certification providers. The online portal for enrolling in such classes facilitates a smooth application process. You can go through the course catalogue and access detailed information on various disciplines. You can also compare courses to choose one that suits your needs the best. Here are some popular online courses you can enrol in.

Exploring Popular Online Courses

Project Management Course

Project management is a crucial skill set for various careers. The course is perfect for those thinking about undertaking a project in the future and want to apply fundamental knowledge and skills in project management. It helps students find and understand goals from the start of the project and consider factors that influence its execution. In this course, students can learn about planning, scope, scheduling, expenses, and management of the project from the start to the end.

Certificate in Professional Communication

This course helps a person to become confident about their professional skills. The course teaches several types of communication, language abilities, and ways to enhance their writing and verbal skills. It also teaches the correct usage of wording and punctuation. You can find the course available on a flexible interest-free payment plan.

Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to become an Artificial Intelligence professional? You can establish a robust foundation by enrolling in the Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional course. The course consists of many widely recognised certifications from Tensorflow and AWS. You’ll also learn about important concepts, like core AWS services and cloud computing. The course will also teach you how to design and deploy Machine Learning solutions. Completing this course will boost your chances of getting rewarding and high-paying jobs in the Artificial Intelligence domain.

Course in Academic and Business Writing

English language learners can take up a course in academic and business writing. The course, focusing on grasping the demands of various writing styles and grammatical correctness, will help you become a confident writer. You can enhance your vocabulary, revision, and editing abilities. Such a course is five-week-long and consists of material on crucial tenets of writing like vocabulary, diction, tone, and editing. You’ll get chances to write on multiple topics which are of interest to you. The course material will be imparted through readings and videos.

Certificate in Marketing and Communication

This course is one of the most in-demand courses for those who want a successful marketing career. The certificate in marketing and communication course will help you familiarise yourself with the basics of communication and critical marketing skills. You will learn various transferable skills that you can use in your campaigns and create professional documentation. You have the option to pursue the course part-time or full time. The duration for a part-time course is 12 months while that for full time is 12 months.

You can enrol in online courses from a website with a streamlined course finder, and you can find a discipline you desire to study. You just have to click on a specific course on the website and follow the comprehensive explanation of the study area and the providers. Simply tap ‘Inquire Now’ and fill out a form to commence the application process. You will soon get help from a service provider who will help you complete the whole application.

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