A night of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep is the key to waking up fresh and having a productive day. Meanwhile, various factors affect your sleep, such as cross-ventilation, an organised room, eating healthy, bed sheets, etc. And if you cannot get a decent night of sleep due to constant tossing and turning or suffocation, this might be a sign for you to invest in new bed sheets. Smooth and fresh bed sheets ensure a deep sleep, and Egyptian cotton sheets can provide you with a night of comfortable rest.

Luxurious and soft, Egyptian sheets ensure you wake up relaxed and refreshed and do not feel stuffy or restless while sleeping. So if you are looking for a solution to sleepless nights, hopefully, this guide will help you find it.

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

The difference between regular cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton is that the latter comes from a plant called Sea Island Cotton grown around and within the Nile River Valley. The climatic conditions of Egypt provide strength and long fabrics to the cotton grown there. In addition to this, the Nile River’s soil is very fertile, which provides the cotton seeds with unique qualities, protection, and nutrients.

The average thread count in regular cotton sheets ranges from 120 to 180. However, the thread count in sheets made with Egyptian cotton is between 400 and 1,500.

What Are the Benefits of Using These Sheets?

Purchasing and sleeping on these sheets made of Egyptian cotton has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Higher Thread Count

The number of thread counts in a sheet is directly proportional to its quality. As such, a higher thread count makes the sheet soft and smooth and gives it durability. And due to their high thread count – higher than regular sheets – these sheets last longer and feel brand new even after months of use.

  • Porous

These sheets are absorbent and porous, making it easier for air to pass through the fabric. The easy airflow makes the sheets breathable and gives you a comfortable and relaxed night of sleep. And unlike regular bed sheets, which become stuffy and cause friction, these cotton sheets remain cool and as smooth as silk the entire night.

  • There Is No Piling

Sheets with lower thread count pile easily. Little pieces of fabric that are not visible but give an uncomfortable texture to the sheets are known as sheet piling. As such, these sheets have a higher thread count, which ensures the fibres remain lint-free and do not come in contact with your skin.

  • Easy to Wash

Egyptian cotton sheets are easy to wash. And regardless of the frequency at which you wash them, they remain soft, strong, and smooth. However, avoid washing them with fabric conditioners as they affect a fibre’s strength and durability. Additionally, wash them at a slower speed, and after washing, be sure to air-dry and gently iron them.

  • Cost-Efficient

You do not buy these sheets; you invest in them. A significant difference between them and standard sheets is that they provide you with high-quality sheets at a reasonable price. And even though high-quality sheets might not come cheap, their durability, strength and texture ensure they are worth every penny you spend on them.

Meanwhile, regular sheets might be cheaper, but they do not offer you the quality these sheets do. As such, these sheets remain as new as the day you purchased them with proper care.

You deserve seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, and Egyptian cotton sheets ensure you sleep comfortably. Besides, they are durable, cost-efficient, easily washable and have a soft texture.

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