Hydrating the skin is vital as it is the body’s outer layer. It acts as a barrier to pollutants and absorber crucial nutrients into the body. Applying lotions after the shower has many benefits. In this context, magnesium cream is gaining popularity due to the twin benefits- it provides the required mixture for the skin and has therapeutic properties.

Should one prefer magnesium lotions over normal ones?

Magnesium intake is five times faster through a cream than a tablet. It is because the skin has direct contact with the cream. It is also known to have therapeutic properties. A slow relaxing massage after a long day at the office or gym relaxes the bones and muscles and regulates blood flow. This is why many spa and massage centres use such creams. It also relieves a person suffering from chronic back pain, spinal cord problems, and arthritis. It increases sleep quality as a person’s mind is clear and relaxed. A head massage using magnesium cream allows the person to think positively and release negative thoughts. 

Adverse effects of magnesium deficiency

The condition of magnesium deficiency is known as hypomagnesemia. A person who is deprived of magnesium is bound to have frequent seizures. It also causes the person to feel nauseous and eventually vomit. It also affects the heartbeat of a person as the rhythm changes. Magnesium actively transports calcium and potassium that are needed for contractions and heartbeat. It also helps in RNA and DNA synthesis and reproduction. Magnesium deprivation can brutally affect the body as it is required to perform essential bodily functions for survival.

Tips for using magnesium cream

While skin application makes one feel a lot better, there are a few tips to make it more effective. Make sure the skin is dry and there is no sweat on the body before applying the cream. The sodium content in the sweat does not allow magnesium to do its job. Washing your face with water is beneficial before applying the cream as it removes dirt and excess oil from the face. It is best suited for skin when one applies this cream before going to bed at night. It is so because the person is not engaged in any physical activity and is least exposed to pollution and dust. The maximum amount of magnesium is absorbed by the skin at this time. 

The DIY magnesium body cream

Coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, and aloe vera gel are the main ingredients present in magnesium creams. 

Heat the shea butter with water for 15 minutes. Regular stirring is required to avoid lumps. 

Allow the mixture to cool, and add beeswax and aloe vera gel. Blend it with a fine blender and refrigerator for an hour. 

Once the mixture is hardened, add coconut oil and stir it vigorously to make the texture smooth. Leave it closed in a jar at room temperature for 3 hours. 

The homemade cream is now ready for use. 

The amount of magnesium, the consistency of the cream, and other ingredients vary for every brand. What might suit the skin type of one person might not suit the other. This is because age, gender, and health history all have a say in deciding the right amount of magnesium that a person’s body requires. For example, a person suffering from back pain has suggested a cream that contains magnesium in high proportion. On the contrary, a person looking for cosmetic benefits from the cream has suggested a cream that has an equal ratio of aloe vera and magnesium. 

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