Before the pandemic, PDFs are only known by businessmen, working professionals, and those in the legal industries. But then, come this pandemic that the whole world is experiencing, PDFs are also now introduced to schools, colleges, and universities. But this is not very easy, especially for students. That is why we will be exploring today the world of PDF or commonly known as “portable document format.”

Why is it best to use PDF?

It is highly recommended that we utilize PDFs because of security and legal reasons. Especially because of a lot of fraudulent documents being shared everywhere, PDF is very much secure that’s why it’s also crucial to know convenient ways to convert our files from Word to PDF. We can share data and confidential information without fear of being used or edited by other people. That is because PDFs give you the option to add passwords. This essentially buys us some peace of mind. One cannot easily manipulate the document content or information once we save them as PDF.

Also, because more people opt to work from home for their safety, PDFs offer digital features like the E–Sign. Isn’t that great? We can send and receive official documents right away with our electronic signatures. Now that it is common, it will, indeed, be very useful in the coming days, months, and years ahead.

Our next question would be, which PDF converter is safe and handy to use? Well, the answer to that is right before your eyes.

Why is it best to use the PBFBear Converter?

Some may ask why the PDFBear? Unlike any other converter, PDFBear is a website that can be accessed anytime and anywhere and all we need is a reliable stable internet connection. Some people may have trouble converting their files to PDF and get kind of confused, with PDFBear, it is very user-friendly and has direct instructions that can be understood easily even by beginners. It is so convenient because we do not need to download any software on our computers that can trigger it slowing down. It is also available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and even iOS so browsing is not going to be too much of a problem. In addition to that, PDFBear is a time saver because files can be converted right away, but hey, it still depends on the speed of your internet. So better check the speed of your internet first so you don’t go around blaming PDFBear.

How do we convert Word to PDF on PDFBear?

  1.       Select the document and then drag it to the conversion box.
  2.       The PDFBear Converted will scan your Word document.
  3.       Wait for the process to complete.
  4.       The converted PDF document is now ready to be downloaded and then saved on your device.
  5.       And what’s more secure with PDFBear Converter is that after an hour, it will automatically delete your document in the system.

In just four clicks, our Word file is now converted to its PDF version.

Does the PDFBear Converter only do Word to PDF conversions?

Although it is popular for its Word to PDF conversions, thankfully, it does more than that. Let us take a look at a couple of things that it can do:

  1.       Convert PDF to Word
  2.       Convert PDF to PPT
  3.       Convert PDF to Excel
  4.       Convert PDF to JPG
  5.       Convert Documents to PDF
  6.       Compress PDF
  7.       Split PDF Document
  8.       Lock and Unlock PDF


What are the unique features of PDFBear?

Retrieves Corrupted PDF Files

Technical errors happen sometimes and so, PDFBear has the option for you to repair a broken or corrupt PDF, it can amazingly help you retrieve your important file. Just upload your corrupted PDF document, drag the file inside the box, wait for the process to complete and then download your refreshed PDF.

Unlocks Password-Locked PDF Files

Just in case you have forgotten the password you set on the file, you can also unlock a PDF secured with a password by uploading your locked PDF. Select “Unlock PDF”, select the document and then drag it to the box. After completing the process, download your unlocked PDF. Make sure that the file is not encrypted so that you can unlock it with no hassle.

Adds and Removes Page Numbers

PDFBear also has the option to add page numbers to your PDF document. Just select your PDF file and drag it to PDFBear, select the page where you want your page number to start. And there’s more, you also have the option to separate the title page from the first page of the book.


And this answers our question of which should be the best Word to PDF Converter to be used. That’s none other than PDFBear, it does not only convert our documents most efficiently but at the same time, it treats our documents with utmost safety and security.  So, let’s hit our keys and type in and explore the things that we can do and customize using the best converter ever.