What some people do not know is that there is a vast difference between alkaline water and plain water. Others believe that the only difference between alkaline and plain water is taste. While this is true, there are many other differences between the two types of water.

One thing that must be understood is that alkaline water usually undergoes the process of purification. The main reason behind the process is to ensure that PH is observed and that the elements left in the water are not in any way harmful for consumption.

Alkaline water is therefore prepared with a significant concern in mind – the PH. On the other hand, plain water does not go through any form of processing. It is as natural as it comes from its source, although there are cases where such water may change due to contacts with other elements.

The question most people would ask is whether alkaline water is better than plain Drinking water. The answer to that is YES. Alkaline water ushers in more benefits as compared to plain water. Among the prime benefits include:

Better Taste

This is the first characteristic of alkaline water that consumers notice, especially those that have been consuming plain water in the past. In essence, the taste of alkaline water is different as compared to plain water. It is better. This is usually attributed to the processing such water undergoes. One of the procedures subjected to alkaline water is meant to enhance the taste for better experience among consumers.

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More Effective in Detoxification

One thing about alkaline water is that it contains minimal substances that can tamper with its PH. Alkaline water is meant to be basic. This means that there are no substances that can affect the body PH negatively. With the low volume of acidity, it becomes possible for alkaline water to detoxify the body in a much efficient way. With sufficient water content in the body, the level of toxins goes down remarkably, and this can be achieved through the consumption of alkaline water.

Boosts Body Immunity

The truth is that normal water can induce some chemicals in the body hence instigating complications and illnesses. Some plain water may carry dangerous metals and substances, which are not medically fit for human consumption. Alkaline water, on the other hand, does not carry any harmful materials and chemicals. The absence of compounds is because such water has undergone the necessary processing and all bad substances eliminated.

Most importantly, water that is basic tends to be friendlier with the body since it helps in getting rid of toxins. When the body is less intoxicated, there is no chance of attracting unwarranted ailments. This fact is why alkaline water is more beneficial as compared to plain water. The contents of plain water may be unpredictable, which is not the case with alkaline water.

Improved Bone Health

Medical reports indicate the bone health can deteriorate remarkably when the body PH is too high. In fact, the structure of the bones in the entire body may be impaired in an instance where there is some imbalance in body PH. Alkaline water is designed to create balance in body PH. This works ideally in promoting bone health and structure. Plain water may not be in a position to improve bone health due to its unpredictable nature as far as content is concerned.


It is now confirmed that alkaline water is beneficial as compared to plain water. With the above and other benefits, there is no doubt that one should consider taking alkaline water more often.