It’s always been your dream to move to the capital. A city of history, ambition, power and delicious food, Delhi has been your ideal destination. And now that you’re ready to start your new job or your college life in the city, you can feel your hope becoming a reality. After all, you’re in your 20s in the city of your dreams – it’s sure to be a rollercoaster ride. You’re finally leaving behind the comfort of childhood, moving out of your parents’ home to explore living on your own in a PG in Delhi for females, and taking responsibility for yourself. Adulthood is no longer a vague concept, it’s your reality. And so, your 20s in Delhi are going to be a time of a lot of ups and downs, excitement, disappointment, jubilation and mistakes. And you’ll end up learning many important lessons along the way.

And these truths are the ones that’ll end up shaping your personality and outlook and guiding your view of the world. So, the sooner you learn them, the smoother the rest of your life is going to be. That’s why we’re about to give you a short-cut entry into the process. Here are some of the most important life lessons you need to learn in Delhi in your 20s to fulfil your journey of self-actualisation and growth.

You are the company you keep

Remember that old saying ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ Well, it definitely applies to your circle during your twenties. And yes, we mean both your professional and personal ones. If you surround yourself with people whom you like and respect, with whom you share a supportive relationship, you’ll feel a lot more content and at peace in your life in Delhi. You’ll know you have a group of people who’ve got your back and who you can trust, and it’s a great feeling! On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by people who are toxic or fake because you think being around them will earn you popularity points or be good for your network, it might end up having a negative impact on your own personality and make you unhappy. So, pay attention to the people around you and be mindful of the relationships you maintain. There’s no shame in letting go of some of the negative energy in your life.

Plan (but learn how to manage when they don’t work out)

A great skill that will help you sail through your twenties is planning. Yup, from learning how to budget to scheduling meetings on your work calendar to writing down your grocery lists, you’ll find a large part of your adult life involves preparing for the future. And that’s amazing. But at the same time, you don’t want to be completely devastated if a plan doesn’t work out. Because that’s the ugly truth that life in your twenties will soon be teaching you. Some plans don’t work out, and it’s no one’s fault. But being able to cope with rejection or failure and learning how to bounce back is going to be super important. Try to build a growth mindset and adapt to change as much as possible. And if you’re someone who finds it really hard to cope when things fall through, perhaps get into the habit of creating backup plans as well.

Success isn’t linear (and it doesn’t look the same to everyone)

You probably have some idea of what you think your twenties in Delhi will look like (or at least, what you want them to look like.) You’ll graduate from college, get a good job, and start working hard at rising to the top, right? Well, your reality of success might be a teensy bit different from your expectations. The thing is, there are tonnes of things that influence your ideas of success – starting from the media you’re exposed to, to the flashy careers of your friends and family, to the stories your parents used to tell you while growing up. But the reality is a whole new ball game. Because reality is paved with the elements of competition, prioritising, financial pressures, and even plain old luck. You might get your big break in your twenties or you might not. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed for life. What you need to remember is that the road to success isn’t linear and it might not even look the same to everyone. Take your time, seize as many opportunities as you can, and keep working hard. You will eventually reap the rewards.

Money isn’t everything

In your twenties, it’s only natural to have money on your mind a lot of the time. You want to earn big and save bigger. That’s why you’re living in the best budget hostel in Delhi and travelling by public transport after all. But if that urge to rack up the cash crosses its tipping point and becomes unsustainable, you could be in trouble. Remember that you’re still young. You don’t need to spend this time in your life skipping everything fun so you can save up more money or work a job you hate just for the pay. Ensure that you’re financially independent, yes, but beyond that give yourself the freedom to explore and enjoy life too. You have plenty of time to run after the big bucks later in life.

And there you have it. These are the life lessons that you’re sure to learn in your 20s in Delhi. So, keep them in mind as you embark on this new stage of your life. Knowing these lessons right from the start could save you a lot of heartache and help you get on the fast track to living your best life.