The SAFe 5 is one of the best and most widely used scalable platforms for businesses. The Scaled Agile Framework allows any company to improve its productivity by shortening process times and eliminating inefficiencies. Some of the largest companies have adopted the framework for scaling their processes.

In this kind of environment, there is a very high demand for professionals who are familiar with SAFe 5. SAFe 5 Scrum Masters have the power to adopt the Agile Framework and use it to the best of their ability. Therefore, the value that they provide to a business is unparalleled. For this reason, having SSM Training will help you improve your credentials as an Agile proficient.

What is SAFe 5 Scrum Master?

A scrum team is tasked with developing projects and deploying individual products that a company wants to sell. Scrum Masters are the individuals who manage the workings of a Scrum Team. They need to see that the organizational goals are properly translated to how the scrum team is working.

Therefore, Scrum Masters have to be familiar with the Agile Framework that dictates the principles that scrum teams should follow. A scalable Agile Framework is a form of Agile that is scalable or applicable to any level of business, thus, Scrum Masters should have the required level of expertise and flexibility.

How to become an SSM?

The process of getting SSM Certification and becoming a scrum master is very simple. The first step is to go undergo SSM training. There are many courses available that are provided by affiliated trainers. You will have to undergo a 16-hour training course led by a SAFe Program Consultant, who is also an experienced practitioner of Agile.

The next step is to give an exam to prove your learning. The Scrum Master examination is an MCQ-based test with 45 questions and 90 minutes to complete. You need to correctly answer 34 out of the 45 questions to pass the SAFe 5 Exam.

After clearing the test you will receive your SSM Certification directly from the Scrum Alliance via email. There are no particular required qualifications needed to become a Scrum Master. However, you should be familiar with the core concepts and principles of Agile such as Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming.

Learning these concepts will be helpful in passing the examination but are not mandatory otherwise. Taking SSM training is ideal for individuals who are Project Managers, Scrum Master aspirants, Business aspirants, or those who want to familiarise themselves with Agile.

These SSM training will teach you how to apply SAFe 5 to any organization, the roles of a scrum master, how to manage a scrum team, maximizing the productivity of the business.

SAFe 5 Scrum Masters are invaluable for the services they provide to any business. Getting an SSM Certification proves your capability as a Scrum Master. This credential is amazing for those who want to work in Agile Framework environments for some of the top businesses around the world.