Being environmentally friendly means ensuring you are not harming the environment in any way. Protecting our planet is important and we all must do our bit to save it. Small efforts can make a big difference and can be a step towards a sustainable future.

Ways to make your home environmentally friendly

To make sustainable changes you need to evaluate your actions in your spheres of existence. It can be rewarding to see that you are making a difference by emitting a lesser carbon footprint. For example, while buying a dining table set, consider buying something other than wood, which can be recycled.

Most people wish to make meaningful changes but struggle with the starting point. Let us see some ways how you can start.

  • Renewable electricity – Using renewable sources of energy like the sun or wind can be good options. Installation of solar panels is fairly common and is a one-time investment that is a clear and concise step towards clean energy.
  • Plastic – There are different types of plastic available in the market. Eliminating plastic is the most challenging part of going green. You can do your bit by ensuring you use a metal straw or you carry your bag when you go out. While buying furniture like plastic study chair for your kids, it is wise to check if the plastic it is made out of is recyclable.
  • Renewable heat source – Switching over to boilers is an eco-friendly option that you can consider. Solar thermal is one more way of promoting clean energy. The heat from the sun is used to boil water and since there is no use for fossil fuels or electricity, it is much better to use this.
  • Check the ingredients – Most of the dirty water from the house has chemicals. Using eco-friendly chemicals is important as they may cause irreversible damage to ecosystems. You need to be aware of the harmful chemicals and check for those while purchasing soaps, dishwashers, detergents, and so on.
  • Garbage segregation – Garbage segregation is extremely important and ensures that the waste produced in the house is recycled responsibly. All we need to do is ensure that proper segregation happens before we hand off our garbage.
  • Recycled paper – A lot of trees are used for the production of paper and cardboard but they are not always recycled. This one can be done to a great extent. Using recycled paper is another way of supporting eco-friendly products. Every time you wish to purchase a paper bag or wrapping paper, you can ensure you are buying recycled paper.
  • Petrol and Diesel – Petrol and diesel, which are used as fuels in vehicles are the biggest contributors to the harmful things that are depleting the ozone

layer. Pollution is a difficult monster to combat and using electric vehicles is one of the tools at our disposal.

Gardening and fostering plants can also be useful to make this planet better. Every day is a new day to make choices that can make your life and everyone else’s lives better.