The windows of your homes prove significant to your everyday activities. It is a source of light and ventilation and viewing access to the outdoors. Enhancing its feature with ready-made blinds, we can have additional privacy and lighting control. Furthermore, it can be a fine decor that enhances any room.

Readymade blinds are economical window solutions that come in a variety of sizes. You can install these blinds right away. You should know what dimension fits your window as measuring for blinds is a fairly easy task, and this article outlines the process below.

Identify where you will mount the blinds.

First, you must identify where you want to mount your blinds. You can either choose to mount inside or outside the window frame. Mounting inside the frame makes a cleaner and more built-in look. With this method, you can add other coverings to your window, such as draperies. However, make sure your window frame is deep enough to fit the mechanism of the blinds. Check the recess if there are no protruding components, handles, etc., that can potentially disrupt you when installing the blinds.

On the other hand, you can choose an outside mount to make your window look longer. This method is also ideal when you do not particularly like the window frame and want to enhance it. Instead of a recess, this type of installation may require a window with some free space on the sides.

Measuring your window

If you want an inside mount, there are three measurements you need to take. Measure the recess from end to end. First at the top, then at the middle, and finally at the bottom of the base. Take the narrowest amount in your measurements. It would be best if you chose the narrowest because it serves as a clearance. It is the surest dimension wherein the blinds will fit the window once rolled down. For the height, take three measurements the same way but this time, take it vertically. Then, you must take the tallest height dimension to get the most coverage.

In measuring for outside blinds or windows without a recess, you need to add allowances to your measurements. First, measure your window’s width. Then, add at least three inches to each side. This way, you can have better coverage and privacy. It ensures there is a minimal light gap too. For the height, measure your window vertically and add at least 2.5 inches on both sides. These extra inches are the mounting bracket above and the overlap at the bottom for coverage.

Additional tips on measuring for blinds

When you’re ordering ready-made blinds for an inside mount, provide the exact measurement. Manufacturers and stores are usually the ones to suggest the best size from these current dimensions.

When ordering for an outside mount, remember your measurements but allow for small reasonable changes. However, do not allow changes that are more than one and a half-inch already. It also depends on you if you want to extend your blinds more than the dimensions mentioned above.

Most readymade blinds can be cut for a more customized fit. If your window measurements somehow don’t find the closest store dimension, it is practical to choose one longer than your actual measurements. Then, you can trim them down to a more accurate length at home.

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