Wall hung vanities are a popular choice for bathrooms because of their minimalist and versatile appeal. When you buy wall hung vanity units, they usually come with storage for beauty essentials and toiletries with a basin on top. Their compact and floating design makes your bathroom look neat, airy, and spacious. They also make cleaning much more manageable and creates more space for radiant floor heating.

Little-Known Ways to Buy Wall Hung Vanity Units

There are many benefits to choosing wall-mounted vanity units. But, before you choose the perfect one for your place, here are some considerations to help with your purchase:

The Placement of the Vanity Unit

An excellent place to install your wall hung vanity is in an area that will not block the shower and bathroom doors. Also, the surrounding area should not limit all the drawers and doors of the vanity when opening them fully. The size of the vanity unit also impacts how conveniently and comfortably you can use the basin. 

Consider the plumbing system in your bathroom. If you are replacing the old sink with new floating vanity, it makes sense to mount it in the same space. Keep in mind that installing the new vanity unit to a different location may require you to change your plumbing, hence, additional budget for it. 

If you are changing your floor-standing unit to a wall-mount vanity design, check the pipework and floor of your bathroom. It is because you may need to re-route your piping system and fit new flooring for it.

Moreover, attach your wall hung unit to a sturdy and load-bearing wall. You may install your vanity unit to a panelled or stud wall, but use some framework for added support. 

Think About Your Storage Requirements

While appearance and style are essential factors in choosing your wall hung vanity units, they should be able to meet your storage needs, too. Determine what things you need in your bathroom and if the unit has enough space for them. 

It may also be a great time to declutter your bathroom area and dispose of unused items you have been keeping there for a long time. A useful tip when you want to avoid unnecessary mess and disorder in the bathroom is to keep those you use daily. 

If your family is big and your bathroom is spacious enough, consider getting double wall hung vanities. Two units mean having twin sinks as well, creating a trendy and luxurious look in your bathroom. It also helps save time during those busy mornings. 

Choose the Finish and Colour

Wall hung vanities usually come in metal, glass, or wood finishes in various colours. The most popular options are black and white vanity units. However, grey and oak are also trendy choices. You may paint your wood vanities should you want another colour. 

In general, a wood wall hung vanity unit produces a natural feel to space, while a grey vanity one will give your bathroom an on-trend appeal. An oak floating vanity is a suitable choice if you want a classic vibe. On the other hand, a white vanity gives a stylish and modern feel, while the black one is the perfect designer look. 

When selecting the right storage solution for your bathroom, buy wall hung vanity units. They work perfectly in either smaller bathrooms or bigger ones. Considering they are customisable, you can install these units in any you want, depending on your taste and preferences.