After the pandemic happened, every business and organisation on Earth is now largely dependent on technology. It is now a compulsion for every business to have an online presence through websites and social media handles. 

However, safety is never easy in the digital space. You would have well known about the cyber attacks encountered by government and private agencies worldwide. World nations are now working constantly for the betterment of the digital world.

Cyber security distributors are also coming up with multiple customised packages for different businesses to choose from. Here are the essential features of the cyber security package. 

Dealing with external and internal threats 

World businesses are facing considerable external threats. They include phishing attacks, malicious attachments through emails, denial of access or services, weak web applications, etc. 

Internal cyber threats do exist but occur rarely. Internal threats include misconfiguration, human errors, low-quality product choices, etc. These are easy to rectify comparatively. Thus, a cyber security provider must be able to cover both external and internal threats.

Regulatory compliance 

No business can compromise on information security, but this does not give power to a business to collect any data they need. Every government will have specific laws formulated for firms to follow. It becomes necessary to adhere to the rules and regulations of the government. 

Every organisation collects unique information according to its business requirements and has a set of rules, regulations, and compliance. A cyber security provider must accommodate these into the security package. 

Cloud cyber security 

The emergence of cloud-based security services has been facilitated by advances in technology, particularly in Internet-of-Things (IoT) security. 

Cloud security is a set of services that allow an organisation to provide a suite of services to their user base. It is supplied by several cyber security distributors and includes a variety of free and paid services, such as the provision of email, messaging, content, and backup.

Thus, cloud security can protect your company from the threats that affect your employees, customers, and the outside world. The infusion of machine learning models has made it the most sought-after facility. 

Detection, prevention, and response 

Look for an inclusive security system. Ensure your cyber security distributor can know the problems you face and develop an inclusive solution. Thus, any package should detect and eliminate suspicious activities and alert those threats that cannot be prevented. The package provided must have hardware and software firewalls, proxy servers, and network technicians to solve the cyber threat.

Check whether the cyber security distributor understands your needs.

Protocols and firewalls of cyber security are similar. Changes have to be made according to the client’s business needs. The distributor must be aware of the business you do, the software you use, and the communication channels used in your organisation. If the distributor is not conscious and not trying to be aware, do not choose him. One size all fit principle will not work and will lead to havoc.

Other things to know. 

It would help if you never forgot to ask about the different deals and packages, customisation options and the prize, and most importantly, the backup plan when something goes wrong.

Choosing the best cyber security package is a big deal in a world where the cyber threat is no less than a life threat. Never decide without checking for all these in the package. Make a checklist and double-check whether all the features are provided. 

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