One of the top commodity exchanges in India is the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX). The exchange makes it easy to trade a variety of agricultural and non-agricultural commodities online. The exchange’s headquarters are in Mumbai, and it was incorporated in 2003. The trading platform known as NCDEX Live allows users to purchase and sell commodities in real-time.


NCDEX Live is a web-based trading tool that enables users to trade in commodities listed on the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange and offers real-time market data. Trading can be done effectively on the platform because of its user-friendly layout. Orders can be placed, market movements can be followed, and trading histories can be viewed through NCDEX Live.


  • Market Watch: NCDEX Live’s market watch tool offers up-to-date market information on all of the commodities listed on the exchange. For each commodity, traders can check the most recent prices, buy and sell quotes, and market depth. This function aids traders in making wise trading choices.
  • Order Management: To meet the demands of various traders, NCDEX Live offers a variety of order tools. Market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, and trailing stop orders are all available to traders. Additionally, the platform facilitates cover and bracket orders.
  • Charting: NCDEX Live’s charting feature provides users with a visual picture of price changes over time. To help them spot trading opportunities, traders can add technical indicators and sketching tools to the charts.
  • Trading Reports: NCDEX Live provides investors with thorough summaries of their trading activities. Traders have access to their account balance, positions, and order history. Furthermore, the site offers contract notes and trade confirmation reports.
  • Mobile App Trading: With NCDEX Live, traders can easily stay connected to the markets while on the road. Real-time market data, order management, and charting are all functions that are available on the mobile app just like they are on the web-based platform.


  • Real-time Market Information: NCDEX Live offers real-time market information so that traders can base their trades on the most recent pricing and market movements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Even new traders may utilise the platform with ease. It is simple to move about the platform and carry out deals fast and effectively with the help of its user-friendly design.
  • Wide Variety: A large variety of agricultural and non-agricultural commodities are available on NCDEX Live, providing traders a variety of trading opportunities.
  • Advanced Trading: NCDEX Live provides traders with advanced trading tools like charting and technical indicators that aid in the identification of trading opportunities.
  • Mobile Trading: With NCDEX Live, traders can easily stay connected to the markets while they are away from their desktop.

In conclusion, NCDEX Live is an effective instrument for traders to stay updated on the most recent trends in the commodity market and make wise investment choices. The portal provides real-time updates on all commodities traded on the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange, including prices, volumes, and other important data.

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