Survey Incentives That Boost Participation: Surveys are the best tools for gathering information and feedback from the target audience. Whether it is figuring out what people need, how to improve products, or their thoughts about what you offer, surveys are the perfect answer. This is why most successful enterprises rely heavily on this data-collection method.

Like with most things, conducting surveys comes with its own set of challenges, the most significant being the response rate. Getting the target crowd to answer your survey can prove quite tedious. Every problem has a solution, and in this case, offering incentives for every survey might be the solution.

Best Survey Incentives to Increase Response Rates

In today’s busy digital world, incentives are necessary to motivate potential respondents to take a survey. Fake promises and vague benefits do not work anymore. As a market researcher with goals and objectives to achieve, you need to offer meaningful motivation now more than ever.

Given the importance of the respondents’ feedback to the success of these companies, the lack of incentives puts them at a disadvantage. Consequently, businesses need a way to motivate their crowd while sticking within their budget. Below are commonly used survey incentives that boost participation.

Monetary Survey Incentives

Cash incentives are an effective form of survey incentives and can boost participation among the audience by up to 30%. Gift cards, checks, and money orders fall under monetary incentives and do not cost as much as you think. Budget is a crucial factor to consider when you decide to use this type of incentive.

Small monetary rewards are practical across different platforms because participants want to make money through surveys. However, when deciding the incentive amount, always remember your target audience. Their demographics will determine whether the incentive should be on the higher or lower end.


Sweepstakes are another type of incentive that can boost the response rate of a survey. With sweepstakes, you only offer gifts to a few individuals instead of rewarding all the participants.

It is a cost-effective survey method since the budget is invested in a single reward. The potential of winning a grand prize will create hype around your brand. Thus, it encourages a significant response from the target group.

Sample Products

It’s human nature to feel an attraction toward free samples. You can take advantage of this to improve a survey’s response rate. Offering free branded goodies or providing early access to new features of your products could be the way forward.

By providing free samples, people feel encouraged to answer your questions and even pitch them to their friends. In return, you will see an increase in survey participation.

Point-Based System

The point-based system is working wonders for most established enterprises conducting market research. People feel encouraged when they get to accumulate points for each survey they take to exchange for prizes. It is a reliable method for boosting survey participation.

The length and complexity of surveys are what determine the points for each survey. These points will boost loyalty and keep customers returning for more. A point-based system is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement incentive that will increase the number of respondents in your surveys.


Investing in joint surveys when conducting research with a partner company can increase the number of survey respondents. The customers of the collaborating enterprise get to know about your brand, strengthening their willingness to participate in your surveys. If you want to adopt this method, make sure you choose your partner wisely, one that matches your brand and vision.

Wrapping Up

Surveys are essential to businesses because they provide useful information about their products and services and what they can do to improve them. The possibilities are endless with surveys. However, a significant percentage of the target audience is not enthusiastic about them. Thankfully, survey incentives are there to give the extra nudge.

By offering incentives, you acknowledge that a respondent’s time is valuable. People will also be more willing to help with follow-ups and clarifications. You’re giving them a reason to dedicate some time to your questions. The right survey incentives can improve the response rate. If you’ve been seeing low participation all this while, it’s time to step things up.