Physiotherapy is a term which we often hear many times in the medical domain. We only have little to scant idea about what exactly it is and what might that be. Physiotherapy or in normal terms, physical therapy is the treatment of diseases by using physical methods like massages, exercise, etc. This kind of treatment avoids the use of harmful chemicals which would otherwise harm your body adversely.

The Physiotherapy team in Vancouver promotes and helps their citizens in providing the maximum amount of benefits out of this treatment addressing any other issues which might create problems in the future.

There are some diseases though which should be kept in mind lest you opt to not take the therapy. Physiotherapy Vancouver strongly recommends that the easiest course is to just show it to your nearest therapist and get it done. But if you choose to select the hard way, here are some of the diseases which should keep that thought well at bay.

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  1. AMNESIA: You might not believe but this is an absolute truth. If you have problems pertaining to your lower back resulting in chronic pains, and you choose to ignore that, you would be in for a severe haul. You will experience discomfort while sleeping and erratic sleep patterns thereby resulting into amnesia. You would eventually feel pain and will have difficulty moving around which indicates that you should visit a therapist.
  2. COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease OR COPD is a form of lung disease which blocks the normal air flow in between your lungs making it difficult for respiration. The disease results in blockage of your lungs which sounds an immediate need for you to take a physiotherapy session immediately. The main symptom of COPD is tightening of your chest which can be effectively reduced with a productive physio-session
  3. TMJ: Temporomandibular Joint Disorder OR TMJ is basically an issue which compromises your jaw movements completely. The joint basically works like a hinge thereby connecting your jawbone to your skull, and the condition results in abnormal amounts of pain in that area. You will experience difficulty in chewing your food and multiple other issues which calls for a physiotherapy session.
  4. PARKINSON’S DISEASE: Another one of the disorders that could prove fatal if overlooked. Parkinson’s disease is generally related to the nervous system in our body and it drastically affects the movements of your body. You often experience intermittent tremors which would prove fatal to you in the long run. Plus the disease has overall 5 stages, and each stage can drastically cut your health down to pieces. The Physiotherapy team in Vancouver promotes the fact that physiotherapy is a viable option to be considered for eliminating Parkinson’s in the bud.


Physiotherapy is just a simple matter of making your body more flexible, more immune and much stronger to diseases that could otherwise prevent you from carrying our day to day activities. Therefore, it is advisable to stay healthy, stay fit and be assured that this would help in the long run.