There are a few types of outdoor shelters you can get from the market. They come in different sizes and materials according to their usage. They are made for various places and seasons; some are used in multiple locations though they serve almost the same purpose.

The main outdoor shelters are:

  • Gazebo
  • Sunshade
  • Awning

You can find the gazebos for sale in the nearest shopping mall, sunshades near beach areas, and awnings in almost every supermarket. But what is the usage of these outdoor shelters, and which one should you buy for your purpose? Gazebos are usually found in the backyard of houses as a solid and permanent built structure. Unlike sunshades and awnings, they are portable and lightweight. Gazebos are available with portability and flexible legs to be used as an alternative to the other two shelter types.

And, here are four things one must consider when buying an outdoor shelter:

A gazebo is a good option if you plan to put it in a covered area for camping, as a shelter, for a party or for a barbeque afternoon, etc.

It can be a hangout area for festivals or a team hub for sporting events. It is good to set it up on soft ground or hard ground.

A sunshade is good for keeping out the sun while camping at the beach or out with the kids. Some sunshades come with an extra shade wall for additional protection when the wind is strong. You can also attach more walls for further strength.

Awnings can be attached to your tent or forward drive for extra shade, rain cover, and other events.

  • Frames

There are different types of frames, and some will suit your purpose more than others.

The frame gives the base and a structure for the shelter. It has legs and roof struts. Thicker struts last longer.

Some come with adjustable legs, making it easy to change the roof as per the direction of sun and rain. Plastic legs don’t last as long as metals.

  • Fabrics

Depending on your location and weather conditions, you can choose the fabrics. There are few waterproof polyesters with a high hydrostatic rating (a canopy in summer with a material having a UPF rating of 50 and above is perfect). And silver coating inside for sun protection.

Fabric thickness does matter. The thickness is marked with dénia, which is indicated with a “D”. A rating of “D” and above means more protection from wind. It also lasts longer. Look for mesh panels sewn into fabrics for airflow, cooling and preventing dampness.

  • Portability and Ease to Set Up

Gazebos are found in backyards of houses for cultural and parties with a solid structure and build. You can find portable gazebos for sale offline and online, but be sure to buy from where the prices are reasonable. They can be transported and set up in an easy way like sunshades and awnings.

Sunshades and awnings are pretty much the same when it comes to portability and set-up. Sunshades are seen on beaches where people use them to rest under them. Awnings are generally attached to the forward drive for the protection of cars and outdoor barbecues.

All three shelters are unique and can be bought online or from the stores near you.

These outdoor shelters work best when they are used according to their capability and for the right purpose. Choose the right one for you & enjoy the time with your friends and family in the shelter.