Looking for the best luxury watch is always a bit tricky. With all the different brands available in the market, you can’t help but overlook some of the promising models that you could have bought. Luckily for you, there are different ways to know more about a specific watch brand to make sure that it will match your preference and necessity.

8 Factors That Make Omega Watches Your Best Choice

One of the most well-known luxury watches in the world is Omega. It is considered one of the most notable timepieces simply because of its presence on various notable occasions. For instance, it was the watch worn by Buzz Aldrin on his first journey to the moon. It somehow skyrocketed Omega’s popularity, literally and figuratively.

What makes Omega watches the perfect luxury watch?

Aside from its popularity, there’s also a lot of reasons why choosing Omega to be included in your watch collection is a good idea. Here are some of the factors which make this particular brand stand out.

1.Collection variety

It may be common for most luxury timepieces to release a variety of collections. However, Omega makes sure that each of their collections has its own personality so that they will not clash against each other. They have the Omega Seamaster, Speedmaster, Constellation, and De Ville. Each of these models is built with special features and functions that are designed specifically for different purposes. It has chronometers, subdials, and date windows which is perfect for all types of activities.

2.Years of excellent craftsmanship

Omega is known as one of the pioneers in watchmaking. It was established in 1848 by its forerunner La Generale Watch Co. They are a well-known manufacturer of high-quality pocket watches back in the day. As their business grew, the company used its expertise in watchmaking to produce wristwatches. They carry the same discipline and high level of craftsmanship to create some of the best timepieces in the world.

3.It’s a Swiss brand

You can trace the roots of Omega watches in Switzerland. This country is known as the heart and soul of watch manufacturing. Most of the well-established watch brands in the world started in Switzerland. Because of that, once a watch is Swiss-made it is considered one of the best. Omega is a proud Swiss-made watch carrying the same expertise and quality as the other luxury watches.

4.Durable and high-end materials

Since most of the luxury watches in the world cater to the same quality as promised, the challenge is with the materials. Omega uses some of the most durable and high-end metals and precious stones and gems. In that way, you can be sure that the watch is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also withstand various activities and it will last longer.

5.Prominent people trust Omega

Aside from its popularity when Aldrin wore an Omega watch, this particular watch brand is also a societal favorite. It was used in various movies starring Al Pacino plus it is the chosen watch to be worn by Britain’s most popular spy James Bond. Aside from fictional characters, Omega is also the choice of many prominent personalities such as Elvis Presley and Prince William. This popularity is a testament that Omega is living up to its promise in producing elegant and high-quality watches.

6.You get your money’s worth

It’s basic knowledge to all watch collectors that a luxury timepiece is an investment. Once you purchase a luxury watch, its value appreciates through time. However, it’s not the case for all types of watches. Only a few luxury brands fare great in the market, let alone survive for more than a lifetime. With Omega, you can be sure to get your money’s worth because its value appreciates through time. You can either resell it for double its original price or you can pass it on as a family heirloom.

7.It’s a watch brand for all occasions

Because of the variety of collections that Omega offers, it will be easier for you to choose the right watch model based on your need. If you want to go on water explorations, you can choose from the Omega Seamaster collection. If you are into car racing or other speed-related activities, the Omega Speedmaster is best for you. However, if you are looking to go to a formal occasion, the Omega Constellation and De Ville is the best choice. Regardless of the occasion or event, there’s an Omega watch waiting for you.

8.They have more than just wristwatches

Omega never forgets its roots. Since their founder is known for producing pocket watches, the luxury watch brand still carries a sophisticated line of pocket watches in their collection. If you are planning to level up your watch collection, you can consider browsing through a series of pocket watches from Omega.

Get your own Omega watch today!

There is no doubt that Omega is considered one of the best luxury timepieces in the world. With all the positive attributes that this brand has, no one can ever say no to buying one. It’s time to get yourself an Omega watch. Check out Watchshopping.com to get more inspiration.