If you own a dog in Singapore, there are multiple things to do since there are many open spaces you can take your dog out to walk. You can do a variety of pet-friendly activities such as visiting cafés and restaurants.

Being a dog-friendly city, numerous shops sell high-quality pet food in Singapore. The top choice for the majority of dog owners when it comes to pet food is either Dry Kibble or canned wet food. These commercial foods may not be appealing to humans, but they contain numerous nutrients that dogs need to stay healthy. Commercial food is high-quality, is highly regulated, and goes through rigorous testing by veterinary specialists.

How Do You Choose a High-Quality Dog Food Brand?

Dogs tend to be omnivores. Although meats should be first on their diet, domestic dogs can also gather nutrients from other non-meat sources such as fruits and vegetables. These are not mere fillers but valuable resources for essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. And here are some tips on selecting dog food:

1.Read the List of Ingredients

Giving your dog high-quality food saves you money in the long run. The best way to choose the right dog food is by knowing what is actually inside the bag. Certain dog food companies mark up the prices to make it appear that they provide you with a high-quality product. However, it isn’t always the case. It is crucial to spend at least 30 seconds, looking at the ingredient label. This way, you will be able to quickly discover if the dog food is high-quality or otherwise.

2.Check the Top 5 Ingredients

Dogs are more on the carnivore spectrum, so the top 5 ingredients must consist of meat. Meats should be within the first three ingredients and preferably as the main ingredient. Fortunately, plenty of online sellers of pet food in Singapore sell high-quality brands with meat in the top 5 ingredients.

3. Steer Clear From the Following Dog Food Ingredients 

You must learn which ingredients to steer clear from, in dog foods. Numerous cheap commercial dog food utilises elements that are considered fillers. A majority of those fillers are often utilised as the main ingredient. If you want to switch up your dog’s food, it is crucial to know this list and take them with you to the grocery shop or pet store. It is critical to select a brand without any of the following ingredients:

  • Grain

Although most people have intense feelings about grain, low to moderate amounts are not harmful to your dog. It will not cause allergic reactions, weight gain, nor diabetes. However, certain dogs are sensitive to wheat, corn, as well as soy. In some cases, dogs will have allergies to beef, meat by-products, as well as poultry. Dogs can become allergic to any protein, and although you may be thinking of wheat, corn, and soy as carbohydrate sources, they also provide proteins but in the form of plant protein.

  • Meat By-Product

Meat by-products will include parts such as bone, blood, intestine, and even feathers. Your dog would probably not enjoy eating these parts in their raw form, but they will be processed in commercial dog food. Still, it is not something you want your dog to eat.

  • Beef Tallow

Beef Tallow is something added to cheap dog food brands as a low-quality fat source to increase its palatability. But it does very little to enhance nutrition. It will help if you look for high-quality and natural fat sources, which is naturally preserved and even has vitamin C and vitamin E.

It is crucial to provide your pet with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, your little fur babies deserve the best as they only know to love you.

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