CISA (certified in the Information System Auditor) is a certification issued by the Professional ISACA Association.

The purpose of this post is to explain the procedure for candidates to obtain CISA certification, and related requirements.

It is important to know two things about CISA certification:

  1. CISA certification is not obtained only by providing an exam; Other requirements, because proving minimum related work experiences, needed
  2. CISA certification has limited validity; However, there are ways to extend it

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for obtaining CISA certification?

CISA, unlike other certifications, not obtained only by passing the exam; You also need to meet several requirements. You can pass the score on the CISA exam, but it’s not CISA certification.

Candidates need to meet these requirements to obtain CISA certification:

  • Get the CISA Exam Graduation Score (within 5 years before sending the application)
  • Send the necessary work experience
  • Pay the CISA application processing fee
  • Comply with Terms & Conditions

How much does it cost to get CISA certification?

  • The quick answer is: US $ 1,000. (Estimated.). And this assumes that you pass the first exam and the preparation material is not outdated.
  • Preparation material and the price test is lower if you are a member of ISACA.

The total cost when you are a member of ISACA:

  1. Professional membership fee (Annual): US $ 135.00
  2. CISA manual review: US $ 109.00
  3. CISA review questions, answers & manual explanations: US $ 129.00
  4. Examination Costs: US $ 575.00
  5. Application processing fee: $ 50
  6. Total: US $ 998.00

The total cost when you are not ISACA members:

  • CISA manual review: US $ 139.00
  • CISA review questions, manual answers & explanations: US $ 159.00
  • Examination Costs: US $ 760.00
  • Application processing fee: US $ 50
  • Total: US $ 1108.00

What work experience is needed to get CISA certification?

The applicant needs to show at least 5 years of experience in the previous 10 years the application in one of the following fields:

  • Information System Audit (IS)
  • Is control
  • Is a guarantee
  • Is security

More specifically, work experience must include at least one of the 5 CISA work practices. They are in accordance with each manual chapter review of the CISA online certification.

Applicants can make up for a 2-year experience in this field up to 1 year CISA experience:

Full time university instructor in the related field (eg, computer science, accounting, information system audit)

The necessary experience can be reduced to a maximum of 2 years by using substitution / shaky. Substitution / wavers available are:

  1. A maximum of 1 year is an experience or 1 year audit experience cannot be replaced for 1 year experience.
  2. University or college education can be replaced for 1, 2 or 3 years of experience.
  3. Master’s degree in information security or information technology from an accredited university can be replaced for 1 year experience.

How do I show the experience needed?

Documentation to submit:

  1. The CISA application form includes experience or substitution / shaky, filled and signed by candidates.
  2. One form of verification of the CISA experience for every experience, filled and signed by authority (i.e., supervisor, manager, colleague or client).
  3. A copy of degrees or letters from the University / College, or CIMA or ACCA certificate, if any of them.

How long do you get certification after the application?

  • After receiving the application, the notification is sent via email after 2-3 weeks.
  • The next certification package (including CISA certificate) was sent by postal post after 4-8 weeks.

What happens if I fail the exam?

  • You can reclaim after waiting a few days. You can test up to 4 times per year.
  • What is the validity of CISA certification? How do you maintain it?
  • Professional education policy (CPE) sustainable determines that certain CPE hours must be resolved and reported regularly to maintain CISA certification

CISA certification is revoked if:

  1. CPE is not completed or reported every year
  2. Standard or code is not followed.
  3. Membership fees are not paid

Requirements regarding human rights CPE:

Generate and report annual minimum twenty (20) CPE hours. This hour must be in accordance with the currency or progress of CISA’s knowledge or the ability to carry out CISA related tasks. The use of these hours to meet CPE requirements for some ISACA certification is permitted when professional activities apply to fulfill knowledge related to the work of each certification.

Generate and report a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) CPE hours for the period of three-year reporting cycles.

How to get CPE hours:

  • Getting free CPE is available for ISACA members. Some “free” CPE implies works for ISACA.
  • Attend ISACA webinar and virtual conference
  • Attend ISACA training courses
  • Participate and voluntarily with ISACA, what might be included as a test item author
  • Attend the Conference
  • Complete journal quiz
  • Mentoring.
  • Perform online training