Casino gaming pulls in more than $10 billion per quarter, according to the American Gaming Association. To bring those numbers in, the house always wins. Despite that, you might want to put a few dents in the house’s take.

Casinos offer a lot of games, though, and learning the rules to each one can be intimidating. If you want to make sure you come home without losing your spending cash, you’ll need to pick the best casino games.

Out of the common casino games to learn, three stand head and shoulders above the rest. Keep reading and we’ll teach you why these are the casino games with the best odds.

The Three Best Casino Games

Consider blackjack, craps, and roulette as your starter games. As you develop as a gambler you can look at other games. These will let you get a sense of the flow of casino gambling with relatively good odds.


Your odds of winning a hand of blackjack, assuming you play perfectly, are about 49 percent. The dealer has to pursue the same goal as the players, albeit with a small advantage.

In blackjack, players start with two cards and must request additional cards until they choose a number to stand at or reach a number higher than 21. A player whose hand exceeds a value of 21 automatically loses. A player who receives an ace and a face card with a value of 10 wins automatically.

After each player has exceeded 21 or chosen a hand to stand on, the dealer plays the same way. The rules for when the dealer must stand on a number vary from casino to casino. After the dealer stands, each player compares hands with the dealer and wins or loses.

If you want to know more about blackjack, check out this guide from TrustGeeky.


With the simplest bet, your odds of winning in roulette stand at just over 47 percent. In roulette, a ball skids across a wheel until it stops in a red or black compartment representing a number ranging from 1 to 36. The wheel also has green compartments for 0 and 00.

The simplest bet involves choosing between red and black. You can also bet on individual numbers, or whether the number will be low or high. Specific tables sometimes offer different numbering and payout structures.


Your odds of winning a typical game of craps sit at about 50 percent, assuming you make the typical bet. In craps, people bet on the die roll of a single roller, called the shooter. The shooter wins by rolling a seven or eleven, or by rolling another number and then rolling that same number again before rolling a seven.

The primary betting condition for craps involves betting whether the shooter will win or lose. Other bets focus on whether the shooter will hit a specific number before rolling a seven. If you want to learn how to play casino games at a high level, look closely at different bets you can make in craps.

Beat the Odds With Care

Even if you choose the best casino games, you might still come out behind. The odds come out against you even with careful bets, so you will need some luck to win. You can still use this knowledge to have a blast at the casino without running yourself out of money.

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