If you are decking out a personal training studio, you need to be selective. It would be best if you had gym equipment that is perfect for limited space. You should try to buy those pieces of equipment that provide a fantastic workout together.

Through this article, we will check out the top equipment that you must have for your small-scale studio. You do not need to have everything on the list; instead, we advise you to go for what works for you. Read on.

Training Bench

Training benches are flexible platforms that are used for weight training exercises. You can adjust the bench’s backrest to alter from a flat position to an inclined one.

We suggest you go for an easily adjustable and well-constructed bench. You would require a minimum of two of these in your gym.

Dumbbell Set

The most essential purchase during gym equipment shopping is a dumbbell set. The set of dumbbells could range from very light to very heavy.

The right weight of dumbbells will be dependent on who uses them. Additionally, you can find a range of dumbbells in many sizes, shapes, materials, etc.

A Barbell

Weight training without a quality barbell is close to impossible. We suggest you start the home gym shopping with a barbell. It is one of the essential pieces of gear which helps in training effectively and sustains for a long time.

In terms of a barbell, you can have two options, firstly, the Olympic bar, squat rank, a bench press rack with removable plates. Or you can pick a set of easily adjustable or fixed barbells that have a smaller bar.

Squat Rack

Squat Racks are amongst the most significant investments in your home gym. We suggest you buy a high-quality one to ensure that it lasts long. These racks help you put your barbell in the correct position for lifts.

It becomes even more critical during training alone. Also, squat racks will allow you to go for heavy lifting without the risk of injuries. You will also get some spotting and built-in safety devices with the squat rack.


Gymming without a set of weight plates is incomplete. They go along with all the other components mentioned above.

You should decide on the number of plates that you want, the prices that fit your budget, and the best quality available in the market before finalizing the pick.


Ropes are also a vital part of a great workout regime. They are especially good for the heart and increasing stamina. You can buy two different ropes: a jump rope or a battle rope in terms of types.

If the weather is good outside, you can use a jumping rope. Otherwise, battle ropes work best indoors. Both of these ropes are excellent conditioning tools.

Within 10-20 minutes, and once or twice a week, these simple ropes can provide you with many health benefits for years to come.

Wrapping Up

Cable, smith, and lever machines are standard equipment in bigger gyms. This doesn’t make them a necessity in all types of gyms.

If you have limited space, you can go with the equipment we mentioned above, and you will be assured of having a great workout. We strongly suggest taking the audience and budget count while zeroing down on the final picks.

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